FOBTY April 16th

Hey Sweeties! Meg here filling in to bring you today’s blog challenge. My brain has gone to mush and it took me awhile to think of something easy for y’all. I know yesterday was tax day here in the states and in this economy sometimes it seems like our financial future is bleak. What is the one thing, even on a tight budget that you haven’t been able to give up? I know we all have our little spending habits, whether it’s scrap kits (pretty sure we ALL have that one!), a weekly/monthly date night (more like yearly in my case), a cuppa joe, etc…I want you to blog about the one (or one of..) thing you haven’t been able to let go of during hard times.

Here is a pic of mine..I’m addicted I admit. That sweet jolt of pure sugar..ahhh heavenly for me! I seriously have 2-3 a week..I can’t help it!

You have until April 23rd to post on YOUR blog then link me back up here! Can’t wait to read them

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