Title Suggestions: Journey

Need some title inspiration? Tracy offers some fun suggestions using Journey songs.

















As we make our way through the month exploring the different types of journeys in our life, I thought I would give you some title suggestions for these type of layouts. Song titles are always a good start for a layout title. So, with a little help from Steve Perry and the rest of the band Journey, off their Greatest Hits album . . . here’s a little list.

  • Only the Young: Growing up, childhood memories, decisions you made as a youngster that made you who you are
  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Finding your religion, trying to conceive, looking for Mr. Right
  • Faithfully: Life as a married couple, teaching your children about your church
  • Any Way You Want It: Discovering yourself and what you want in life
  • Ask the Lonely: Figuring out how to live alone, dating dilemmas
  • Separate Ways: The trials of a divorce, leaving home for the first time, moving away from family/hometown
  • Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’: First loves, new romance, bringing a baby into the world
  • Open Arms: Grandparenting, love for your child or spouse
  • Girl Can’t Help It: Addictions (food, shopping, etc.)
  • Be Good to Yourself: Learning to love yourself, lifestyle changes
  • When You Love a Woman: Life with your significant other, your relationship with your mother

I hope some of these might help you come up with your next title!

~ Tracy


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