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Miscellaneous Monday – Blue Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! Or, maybe it’s not so happy. Mondays can be pretty rough sometimes . . . saying goodbye to the weekend, going back to work, dealing with “real” life. And, the fact that it’s winter here in the northern hemisphere doesn’t help either. January and February can sometimes feel a little bleak, especially […]

Miscellaneous Monday – Celebration of Life Day

Happy Monday, everyone! How did the weekend treat you? We finally got some snow here in my neck of the woods, but of course, it’s mostly melted already. This winter has been pretty strange. But, for the most part, it was a relaxing weekend with my family with not very many obligations and plenty of […]

Miscellaneous Monday – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re half way through January already. I can hardly believe how quickly the time goes by. So, two weeks after the new year . . . how are you doing on your resolutions? Are you still going strong or are you struggling to keep up with your own high aspirations? Well, in […]

Miscellaneous Monday – Christmas Standouts

It’s Monday again, and it’s CHRISTMAS!! So for those of you who celebrate, I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with friends and family. Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas today, we still have a pretty sweet gift for everyone that will save BIG in the shoppe! This code cannot be combined with any other offers, […]

Miscellaneous Monday – Bake Cookies Day

Happy Monday, everyone! We only have one week until Christmas. Can you believe it?! Are you ready? Well, I’m here to some fun into your day. And, it might just help you get ready for the big day as well! Today is Bake Cookies Day!! Cookies arrived in America in the 17th century, although the word […]

Miscellaneous Monday – Glisten FWP

Good morning Sweet Shoppers! Have you all recovered from this weekend’s festivities? Black Friday is a crazy time to shop and the Shoppe had such a great sale! There was so many new, beautiful goodies. Did you stock up? If so, then you most likely received the Featured Designer FWP product AND a new, HUGE, […]

Miscellaneous Monday – World Television Day

Happy Monday friends! I hope this week treats you well. Tomorrow is World Television Day! I know the PERFECT way to celebrate it, how about you? 😉 In December 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 21st of November World Television Day, the same year the first World Television Forum was held. According to the […]

Miscellaneous Monday – November Activities

Halloween is TOMORROW!! Who else is excited?? I love dressing up my kids and taking them around our neighborhood for Trick or Treating. With Halloween being tomorrow though, that means November is the very next day. What?! How can that be?? Gosh this year is going by so fast. November is one of my most […]

Miscellaneous Monday – iPod Day

Good morning Sweet Shoppers! 16 years ago, in the (then) height of the portable electronics industry, a computer company released a new, small device. That device changed the world! Enter the iPod… A compact and durable device capable of holding the entire contents of most peoples CD collections. With a price tag of $399, it […]

Miscellaneous Monday – DSD Good Vibes FWP!

Good morning Sweet Shoppers! Have you all recovered from this weekend’s festivities? It was so much fun and the forum was HOPPING! So much to see and do. Did you see the new releases? Oh my goodness…I was in love with every single product.  I wanted to get them all! The newest Featured Designer was also […]

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