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Thursday Treats – Wear Purple for Peace 5/17

Yesterday, May 16th was “Wear Purple for Peace” Day. Now you might think this holiday is to promote world peace or perhaps have been created in response to past battles or conflicts. Turns out, the holiday is to promote peace between humans and any aliens that might exist in the galaxy so that they are […]

Thursday Treats – Mothers Day 5/10

It’s one of my most favorite Sundays each year, the second Sunday in May – Mother’s Day! At some points in our lives, the focus is probably on another person, our own mother or maternal figures. Then, maybe it shifts to a day where it’s all about US! With breakfast in bed, a fun lunch […]

Thursday Treats – May the Fourth Be With You 5/03

I’m glad I live in a world where Star Wars has its own “holiday” 😉 It seems that the first organized celebration of the movie franchise occurred in 2011 but since then more and more people are joining in. So just in case your kid’s school has a party or costume event in commemoration, I’m […]

Thursday Treats – Earth Day 4/26

Earth Day, an annual event to draw awareness to protecting the environment on this big, beautiful planet of ours. The focus this year was specifically on reducing the amount of plastic pollution we produce. Reduce, reuse and recycle, these are things we can all do to help minimize the impact we all have on this […]

Thursday Treats – Saying Goodbye to Melissa and Shawna 4/19

Obviously, it’s not a treat to be saying goodbye to not one but two of our very most favorite designers here at Sweet Shoppe but we do wish them well in their exciting future adventures! So while they are retiring, YOU get the opportunity to SAVE BIG on their designs through Sunday, April 22, 2018! […]

Thursday Treats – Bingo Help 04/12

How is that Bingo Card coming along for April so far? SugarBabe Loni does an amazing job each month coming up with all of these challenges, don’t you think? Going for a straight line this time or do you have your eyes set on a blackout for the most possible sweet rewards? Whichever you are […]

Thursday Treats – It’s Spring! 4/5

Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s spring! But Mother Nature seems to have gotten some wires crossed for some of us. So let’s get to the sunshine and rainbows portion of the program, shall we? In case you’re one of the lucky ones with some beautiful spring day photos to scrap, I’ve gathered up a […]

Thursday Treats – Easter 3/29

This Sunday is Easter. For many, there will be church services and family dinners. For some, there might even be a visit from a childhood favorite purveyor of jellybeans and chocolate eggs, the Easter Bunny. This weekend, you might be dyeing eggs or stuffing plastic ones with treats and making baskets for the children in […]

Thursday Treats – Bingo Help 3/22

How are you doing with your Bingo Card for March? What drives you each month? Is it the promise of Sweet Rewards or just the “thrill of the hunt”, the CHALLENGES they provide? Some of us thrive on the impetus that a challenge gives them. It’s a reason to search their stash or their hard […]

Thursday Treats – Are you feeling LUCKY? 3/15

Lucky – having or bringing good fortune, happening by chance. I think we all feel lucky at many points in our lives, whether it’s the serendipity of meeting a significant other or the feelings we have about our children and friends. We don’t need a specific holiday like St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate our good […]

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