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Thursday Treats – Family Road Trip! 8/17

The last hurrah! Many families take one final road trip at the end of summer. It might be a long trip or a quick one, it’s an opportunity for one more bonding adventure before the routine of the school year begins. And anyone that’s been confined to a car with one or more children for any period […]


Thursday Treats – Hit the Beach! 8/10

Summer is coming to an end… many people try and squeeze in one last beach trip before school starts up again. Maybe swimming and surfing the waves is your favorite part of a beach day or perhaps it’s sitting in a chair just listening to the waves roll in. If you have some beach photos to […]


Thursday Treats – International Clown Week 8/03

Did you know that we are smack in the middle of International Clown Week? Some people love ’em, some people think they are a bit creepy but they are certainly a staple at circuses, county fairs and children’s birthday parties. It’s probable you have photos of a clown in your library right now AND a […]


Thursday Treats – Bingo Help 7/27

How is your Bingo Card coming for July? Have you been making time to scrap or been too busy playing outside this summer? If you’re trying to catch up a little, I’ve gathered a few products from The Shoppe that might be helpful to get a few more pages completed by the end of the […]


Thursday Treats – Saying Goodbye to Captivated Visions 7/20

It’s never easy to say goodbye to one of our designers. Over the years, they become our friends, people we can count on for creative inspiration and new ways to tell our family’s stories. Each designer has their own unique style, their signature… that vibe you get when you browse their stores. Rachel’s products are […]


Thursday Treats – The Color Pink 7/13

How important is color to you when you’re scrapbooking? Are you like me in that you’re often actively searching for someTHING of a certain color to put “right there” in that space on your page? I don’t know if it’s a result of my early scrapping design days learning about repetition and balance or if […]


Thursday Treats – International Kissing Day! 7/06

Did you know that today is International Kissing Day? We get kisses all the time… on the lips, on the cheek, slobbery dog kisses on the nose. No matter where or from whom, they mean we are loved. Wouldn’t it be fun to track all the kisses we give and get during a day? I […]


Thursday Treats – 4th of July Edition! 6/29

Next Tuesday is when we celebrate America’s independence here in the U.S. For many of us, it’s a free day to be spent with family, the kids eating ice cream and waving around sparklers after dark, time spent in lakes and pools cooling off from the heat, picnics or barbeques with friends. Often, the evenings […]


Thursday Treats – Selfie Day 06/22

Did you know that yesterday was Selfie Day? I’ll go out on a limb and say you probably have at least one or two on your phone right now. Have you scrapped about selfies and how popular they’ve become in recent years? Have you scrapped a silly selfie with a flower bouquet Snapchat filter? Have […]


Thursday Treats – Father’s Day 6/15

Daddy… A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love. This Sunday is the day we celebrate one of the most precious relationships in our lives, a parent’s love. I hope you have the opportunity to spend it with a special someone (or two) in your life. And just in case you happen to take a few […]

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