Registration Questions

Q: How do you register for new accounts when you're already registered with your email? It says that email is already being used.

A: Register for your gallery account using a different email address. As long as the email address on your order at Sweet Shoppe Designs is an accurate contact email, you will be fine as that is the email we will refer to when contacting our winners. Any other email address used to register for a gallery account will not be contacted.

Q: I'm ready to sign up at Little Dreamer but there they want me to fill in my name, etc. when signing up for the gallery there. Are we just making something up to go in those spaces? If I fill all of that information in won't it show up in my profile & give me away?

A: The store at LDD is integrated with the forums and gallery over there which is why they ask for the personal information because it's like registering to to buy in their store. That said, your personal information is NOT accessible by the general public through profiles and the like. The only ones who can access your private information beyond your anonymous contestant # at Little Dreamer will be Michelle Coleman and Lori Barnhurst who will NOT be judges in the contest.

Q: I have a typo in my username, can you fix it?

A: Yes. Send a Private Message to Robin Carlton at the Sweet Shoppe and Michelley-Jelly at Little Dreamer and we'll correct the error.

Q: I registered as Intermediate but I've decided I want to compete in the advanced level. Can my contestant level be changed?

A: Yes. Send a Private Message to Robin and Michelle and they will change your contestant level letter. All changes must be requested by Monday, September 17th.

Q: I bought the kit. Where do I get the password.

A: Please make sure you follow instructions 5 & 6 of the Contestant Registration Information in order to get your password.

Q: If we are on an individual designers CT at SSD or LDD are we able to participate?

A: Yes! The only people who are NOT eligible to participate are Designers, Employees and Creative Team Members from Little Dreamer Designs, Sweet Shoppe Designs, and Disc Talk Radio. The Designer's personal creative team members are eligible to register to compete.

Q: I'm curious how many participants are registered so far?

A: As of 9/8 there are more than 350 contestants registered to compete.

Anonymity Questions

Q: I am worried about one thing, how will I keep my identity secret if some people already know me and my kids from the pictures?

A: Without a doubt, some people will know certain scrappers from photos of their kids but we really believe that for the most part seeing 200 layouts all with an anonymous contestant # is going to allow our teams of judges to focus on the layout and whether it fits the criteria for the week and judge without social bias.

Our advice would be to scrap the people and memories which are most meaningful to you. That's why we scrap in the first place and this contest should NOT change that for you.

Mega Kit Questions

Q: I purchased the Stand Up kit from here and downloaded the first section, but when I try to unzip the file it tells me "Unable to unarchive "" into "Desktop." (Error 78- function not implemented.)" I am not prompted for a password.

A: If you are using a Mac, you will have to unzip the file using Stuff It Expander which can be found free here.

Q: There were two of the paper files that were truncated/corrupted for me and I was just wondering if anyone else had that problem?

A: Send a Private message to Robin Carlton in the Sweet Shoppe forums with the subject ABarton Files and she'll reply with a link to download the corrected files.

Q: Can I make a layout using Stand Up and post it with my "real name" before the contest starts?

A: Yes you are welcome to use it before the contest starts! With so many contestants registered to compete, it's going to be near impossible to try and match up people using the Stand Up kit under their "real name" with their contestant numbers. So if you make a layout using Stand Up, feel free to post it using your real name in the Stand Up Inspiration Gallery at Little Dreamer & The Sweet Shoppe.

Intermediate / Advanced Questions

Q: I don't really fit the criteria for advanced. How do I know what level I should register to compete in.

A: The criteria for the advanced level was given as a suggestion of what you might want to consider when deciding which level to compete in. It's not an exact science and we trust you to choose the level you are most comfortable competing against.

Q: Why wouldn't everyone pick beginner/intermediate to have a better chance at winning?

A: While that is a possibility we really think that most scrappers should be able to determine which category they are most comfortable competing in. We trust your intuition in this matter. Also, keep in mind, that if everyone DOES indeed register as an intermediate scrapper, there will be a LOT more scrappers to compete against which could lessen your odds of winning based on numbers alone. To Date, the registrations for Intermediate and Advanced are pretty even.

Contest Questions

Q: When do we find out what the first challenge is?

A: Registration for the contest ends on 9/16 and the first challenge will be posted on Wednesday 9/19. Be sure you are reading the Stand Up Blog on a regular basis so you are up on the whos, whens and whats throughout the event.

Q: Will contestants be judged by a selected panel of judges only or will the general public have a vote in this?

A: Contestants will be judged by a rotating panel of 6 judges which will change week to week so the same judges do not judge more than once during the contest. We think this system will keep the judges fresh and excited to look through ALL of your layouts and also will minimize andy subconscious favoritism from week to week.

Q: Does one need a subscription to Disc Talk Radio to learn/hear the results of the weekly challenges?

A: Nope. You'll be able to hear the results for FREE by listening to their weekly Dishin' the Digi Coast to Coast Show.

That said, in the special offers folder included in the Stand Up Registration Package, there is a coupon good for 10% off on a DSTR subscription for the year. You get great coupons every month from awesome designers in addition to exclusive kits that are GORGEOUS, so you might want to consider taking the plunge and signing up.

Q: Does a participant need to "win" each week in order to be eligible for the final prize?

A: Nope, you dont need to win each week. 6 judges will pick their top 10 in both levels of competition each week and each place in the judges top 10 will be worth a set # of points. All of the judges scores will be combined to find the week's top 10 but the points from everyone who made each judge's top 10 will carry forward each week into a cumulative score for participants throughout the event.

So it's possible to have an off week and then come back and blow the minds of the judges and score highly increasing your ranking for the entire competition. It should be great fun.

No eliminations, so the only thing you need to do to be eligible for the grand prize packages is complete all 6 challenges!

Eligible Product Questions

Q: Can the layouts use products from the Stand Up Mega Kit?

A: You are welcome to use the Stand Up kit for your layouts in the contest.

Q: Can we use ANY products from the designers selling at the sponsor sites or just the products found on those sites? For example... Lisa Warren is a designer at Little Dreamers. Do I have to use her products that are only available at the LD site or can I use ANY of her products, no matter where I found them?

A: You may use any products from ANY of the Designers selling at Little Dreamer, Sweet Shoppe Designs, The Digi Chick, Scrap Artist & Oscraps in addition to ANY Designs from Christina Renee, Gina Miller, Kay Miller, Jen Wilson, Heather Ann, Shabby Princess or Shabby Miss Jenn.

New or old, retired or still in the shoppe, freebies, products you get as a CTM. As long as the products are from the designers currently selling in the stores above, you'll be good to go.

Q: Can we use a kit that one of the eligible designers retired a while ago?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we use templates??

A: Layouts created for the contest should be your original work and not make use of a layout composition template. Templates for tears and folds, etc would be acceptable if they are sold by the designers whose products are eligible for use throughout the contest.

Q: Can we use any fonts we want?

A: You may use any fonts you want but Digital Alphabets would have to be by sponsoring designers only.

Q: Can we use actions from other sites/stores? ie. Traci's drop shadows, Atomic Cupcake actions, Jen Caputo tears, etc, etc...

A: Only actions and corner/tear templates sold by designers who are official sponsors will be accepted as eligible products for use on contest layouts.

Photo actions such as Kubota, Itty Bitty & RAD not sold at competing digital shops ARE acceptable. Photoblast Actions are sold at DigiScrapShak and are therefore NOT an allowed action.

Layer Styles & Effects that come with your photo editing software are of course acceptable.

Actions, Effects & Styles from Adobe Exchange and the like are also acceptable.

Q: I noticed that some of the designers from the Stand Up kit are not listed in the shoppes and designers that we can use products from for the contest. For example: Anna Aspnes, Mindy Terasawa, Kate Hadfield as well as a couple of others. Are we are also allowed to use any of their products or just the ones included in the Stand Up kit?

A: Some designers included in the list of designers for the kit are not official sponsors of the event. If the designer is not selling at one of the stores linked up in the blinkies on the side bar of the blog they aren't included in the list of eligible products.

Q: Does that mean that we can't use their parts of the Stand Up and Scrap kit on challenge LO's??

A: The Stand Up kit is an eligible product in its entirety.

Q: Can we use guest designer kits? Scrap Artist has a kit that I am totally drooling over and it is from a guest designer that isn't on "the list".

A: Anything you can purchase from one of our sponsoring sites is fair game.

Q: What about collabs where one designer is an "approved" designer and the other is not? Do we just use that particular designer's work?

A: If an eligible designer is selling a collaborative kit in their store that works with a designer that isn't approved, that kit is ABSOLUTELY 100% eligible for use in the contest irregardless of which designer created which piece in the kit.

Q: What about kits from Songbird Avenue?

A: Songbird Avenue kits are eligible for use as Jan Crowley is a designer at Oscraps and many of the Songbird Guests of the past are contest sponsors, Shabby Princess, Gina Miller, Dianne Rigdon, Robin Carlton, etc.

Q: If a designer leaves a sponsor store in the middle of the contest, are their designs still eligible for the remainder of the contest?

A: Contestants should TRY to be mindful if big changes like this occur during the contest and we will try to post changes to the eligible designers on a weekly basis on the Stand Up Blog so that everyone is informed on what can and can't be used.

That said, judges and contest officials will use their common sense so as not to penalize contestants should changes like this occur during the contest.

Q: What about using kits from a designer that has retired (or moved) from one of the eligible shops? I originally purchased the kits from an eligible place so can I use those in my layouts?

I'm specifically thinking about Sara Carling who is about to retire from Scrapartist but I'm sure there are others out there too.

A: If the designer no longer sells at the store when the contest officially kicks off on September 19th, they won't be an eligible designer. A list will be posted on the blog 9/18 to clarify the eligible designers for week #1.

Q: Can we make elements, stitching, etc. to use on our own layouts?

A: If you made it, you can use it just don't give yourself away in your credits.

If you have a question that is not currently covered in this FAQ, send it in an email to and your question and answer will be replied to personally or added to the information above.