So this month at the Sweet Shoppe we did things a little bit differently. Usually our designers just decide who the Treat of the Month will be and our talented SugarBabes lift from that person's gallery. This month though, we decided it would be fun to let the Babes nominate some of their favorite scrappers for us to decide between and WOW, were their choices SWEET!

When C.D. Muckosky's name was put into the hat by our Babes, our designers couldn't wait to shine the spotlight on her. C.D.'s gallery is playful, packed with personality and full of gorgeous photos. She has a slightly eclectic style that is all her own and her use of complex layers is amazingly inspirational.

To satisfy the our curiosity C.D. comes from Christie-Dawn and she says she's been scrapbooking for about a year. She creates her magic in Photoshop CS2 and shoots her photos on the Canon 20D. She also let us know that she carries a Nikon Coolpix in her purse so she never misses those shots on the go!

All of us at Sweet Shoppe Designs hope you enjoy learning more about this month's treat, C.D. Muckosky. She has inspired us to  SCRAP MORE and we hope you find inspiration in her work as well.

Sweet Shoppe Designs: Tell us about your family.

C.D. Muckosky: I am married to Cam; he is truly the most kind and caring guy imaginable. We were high school sweethearts, and he’s still my very best friend. We have three amazing little girls. Emilea (7), Tiara (4), and Kaiella (1 and a half). I absolutely love being a wife and a mom, I wouldn’t trade this for anything! This life we share, my family, I am so very Blessed. This is my Dream Come true.

SSD: How long have you been scrapbooking and what sparked your interest in it?

C.D.: I have been scrapping for a little over a year now. How did it all start? Well, I go to this great craft night once a month and I saw other ladies working on their scrapbooks. I have always had a deep love for photos and a need to create, so I asked my friend Lisa what I would need to start up, she handed me an extra Michael’s 50 % off coupon that she had and the rest is history.

SSD: Tell us about your transition into digital scrapbooking- what are you loving best about digital? Do you still pull out the scissors and paste now and then?

C.D.: I guess I have played around with Photoshop for as long as we have had a computer, but just for other “stuff”. I did have a general knowledge of how it all worked though. So I gave digi scrapping a few tries when I would see neat digi challenges on two peas, but the results were just ho hum and I would always go back to my paper-loving ways. Then something clicked for me when I was working on digi Christmas cards for friends this past winter, and when it came time to work on my HOF submissions I couldn’t bare the thought of making my family endure the kind of mess I leave behind when I scrapbook traditionally. So I though I would try doing a few of my layouts on the computer and I ended up loving the way it just took on a life of it’s own and I could re-color, re-size, and re-arrange until I was perfectly happy. After working so steadily on the assignments to get all of those pages done I just couldn’t stop! No scissors and paste lol! But there’s no way I will retire my paper cutter and two way tape. I love working with all the textures of paper scrapping, and I really enjoy doing different altered projects and mini albums.

SSD: Who inspires you and your creativity?

C.D.: I always say my gifts and my inspiration come from God. There is just this passion to create somewhere within me, and when it gets going my hands and my brain can barely keep up. I definitely scrap from my heart and not my head, my mom always has encouraged me (and still does) to follow that inner passion. She is a wonderful mom and an amazing person and she is a huge inspiration to me.

SSD: You have such a signature style and look to each of your creations. How do you approach a blank page and end up with such a unique, yet true to your style, design each and every time??

C.D.: Ha-ha, thanks for saying that! I didn’t realize I had a signature style! Hmmmm, well I don’t really think much about it, I just look through my photos for one that speaks to me and place it on my canvas and then the rest just happens. Every once and awhile I do get excited about a certain product and I work backwards from there looking for the photo to go with it. But I never really have a plan in mind I just scrap as I am moved, and somehow end up with a page in front of me.

SSD: We'd like to congratulate you on your Creating Keepsakes "Hall of Fame" honorable mention! Tell us about your experience of getting "the call". Do you plan to enter again next year?

C.D.: I will absolutely enter again! It would take something crazy to stop me! I loved the personal growth I experienced while working on my HOF assignments. I explored topics and used techniques that I may not have otherwise and the feeling of completing it and getting it prepared and sent in was incomparable.

It was a huge surprise to me to get a call. I had never had anything published at all. But I spent way too much time in “The Pub” over at Two Peas waiting and then finally watching the HOF calls come in and celebrating with everyone. I wasn’t really disappointed when they were over and I had not received one because I hadn’t really expected to. My heart did flip every time the phone rang though. Then the next day the HM calls began, and stopped, after two I think. I carried on with my life, but during my kids’ half hour T.V. time I sat down to check The Pub and see if the HM calls had resumed, sure enough there were two more, as I was reading them the phone rang on my desk beside me, strangely enough my heart jumping was long gone by this point, and I casually glanced at it and saw an 801 number!!! I calmly said “hello” pretty much knowing fully well what the call was for. Sure enough it was Fred from CK, but I was so calm I’m sure they wondered if I was very excited (I totally was of course !) they were very nice and talked to me a bit before giving me all of the details. I think I must have said “thank-you so much” about a million times. My kids were super excited and when my husband got home he just smiled proudly and said “I told you” (he had predicted an HM). We celebrated with huge strawberry crème drinks from starbucks

SSD: Where has your work been published?

C.D.: Nowhere yet. But I do have three layouts coming up in scrapbook trends in August, and an assignment with scrapbooks etc. for Nov/Dec, and of course my HM page will be in CKs HOF book. So it’s a good start and I am thrilled! I think it will be so very surreal to see my work (that I do just because I love doing it) in print on the pages of a magazine. Wow! My girls think it is pretty cool, Emilea asked me “Mama, does this mean I am going to be famous?” I thought that was just priceless.

SSD: What are the "hot trends" in your personal style of scrapbooking right now?

C.D.: My albums are filled with some sort of stitching, paint strokes, brown, and always some good white space. But my biggest thing is elements!!! I love using tags and ribbons and little hangie things, and finding new ways to cluster or hang them on my pages.

SSD: What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

C.D.: Well, obviously scrapbooking, and I really enjoy photography, though I admit I have LOTS to learn! I love reading and crafting with my girls, and we try to get outside as a family often, and I love a good game with friends (favorites are: malarkey, mad gab, and hillarium). Oh and I just have to throw in two more words…Ice Cream!

SSD: If you had to choose one thing for future generations to remember about you, what kind of scrapbook page would you create?

C.D.: This is a hard one for me; it would probably be journaling only, because there is so much I would want to say. So many lessons and tid bits of advice that are important to me that I would want to leave behind. Things like; Stand up for what you believe in, Treat each other the way you would want to be treated, and share your gifts with the world freely. When you love, love with all of your heart. You can do anything you put your mind to, and always follow your dreams you never know where they may take you. All of that kind of stuff. I try in so many of my pages to leave a letter to my girls, a positive message, some of the things I want them to remember. I imagine them reading it years down the road, and maybe giving them just what they need to get through the day.

Sweet Shoppe Designs also asked C.D. to share some of her favorite creations with our visitors. It's fascinating to look through someone's gallery with our own eyes but seeing what an artist particularly enjoys from her own collection is always intriguing...

If you would like to see more of C.D.'s fabulous work, be sure to visit her Two Peas Gallery. Our team of SugarBabes was so excited by the assignment to lift from her gallery and their gorgeous pages will be featured throughout the month on our homepage so be sure to check it out each time you visit! Also, don't forget to Scrap with our SugarBabes by picking out a layout you want to lift from C.D.'s gallery too! Once you're done, come back and share the link to it with us in our special forum! Big BIG thanks go out to C.D. for sharing herself with us, it was great to get to know you a little bit better.