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Thursday Treats – Passport Help 7/18

How is your Passport coming for July? This month’s challenges are set up around the subject of travel. Little weekend getaways to road trips across the country or flights across the world, all of it is fair game. As usual, I’ve taken a look around The Shoppe for you to find some products you might […]

Thursday Treats – At the Beach 7/11

Scorching hot temperatures often lead to sandy beaches and rolling waves. Hours spent boogie boarding, splashing in the shallows or building sand castles in the surf… all time well spent with family and friends. In case YOU have a beach trip in your summer, I’ve gathered up a few products from The Shoppe that might […]

Thursday Treats – Here is to the Red, White and Blue 7/4

Happy 4th of July to all my Sweet Shoppe friends in the U.S.! It celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, when the colonists declared themselves independent from Great Britain’s rule. Traditional activities might include barbecues, picnics, days playing in the waves at the beach and evenings spent ooohing and aaahing at fireworks. I […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/2

What’s your favorite thing about the pocket scrapbooking style? The fact that the individual pockets provide specific placeholders for your photos and stories? The ability to use those pretty filler and journaling pocketing cards? Or the idea that you can rearrange and tweak the style to make it your own? Whatever the reason, your fellow […]

Thursday Treats – Adopt a Cat Month 6/27

June is National Adopt a Cat month. Cats are independent yet possessive, snuggly then totally standoffish. They are also amazing pets, low maintenance enough for busy people, but sweet enough to run to the door when you come home. If you’re planning on adding a furry friend to your family, please consider visiting your local […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/25

It’s time for another installment in our pocket scrapping showcase series! Every Tuesday, I scour the Sweet Shoppe Gallery for the last week and pick out a few pages to share with YOU!! We’ve got some amazing photos in The Gallery these days, have you noticed? Lots of sunshine and smiling faces in the stories […]

Thursday Treats – Selfie Day 6/20

This Saturday 6/22 is Selfie Day! I’m thinking that if we looked at a lot of cell phones we’d determine that just about every day is selfie day, right? Speaking of selfies, how about a few tips? look for good lighting find your best angles genuine smiles are best try different apps and filters to […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/18

Our pocket scrapping friends have been out to play last week! All kinds of pocket pretties in The Gallery for your perusal and appreciation. So if YOU haven’t been in there recently, head on in and soak up a little of the inspiration that your friends are sharing. Let me show you a few: See […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/11

Pockets, pockets everywhere! At least in The Gallery, that is! There are many variations on the pocket style page – it could be a clean and classic grid style or an artsy style with only a vague idea of where pockets might be. Could be primarily words and photos or it might be heavily layered […]

Thursday Treats – Graduation Day 5/30

It’s that time of year… “end of school year” award ceremonies and last day of classes. For some of you, it’s also caps & gowns, tears watching them crossing the stage and then soon, knowing they are leaving the nest. So if you have some graduation photos to scrapbook, I’ve got you covered today with […]

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