Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you guys start Sweet Shoppe Designs?
Sweet Shoppe Designs is an idea born out of friendship and commitment to one another’s designs. We believe in a tight knit and supportive environment where each designer and creative team member are truly invested in each others success and have a say in the future of the site and what happens on a day to day basis. The designers at SSD genuinely believe in each other and the digital community as a whole, and we are excited and proud to be bringing high quality designs, inspiration and a sense of community to scrappers around the world.

Are you currently looking for additional staff members?
While Sweet Shoppe Designs is not actively looking for additional designers or creative team members at this time, we are always open to hearing from talented artists in the digital scrapbook industry. If you’re an established, career-minded designer with a loyal fan base or you think you’re going to be the next big thing in the industry, we want to hear from you! Please fill out our designer application which includes previews and samples of your work.

When are new items added to The Sweet Shoppe?
Sweet Shoppe Designs is pleased to inform you that picking up the latest and greatest from our designers is incredibly easy with Sweet Shoppe Saturdays! Each and every Saturday ALL of our new releases will be put up on the Sweet Shoppe shelves for you to peruse. Be sure you are signed up to receive our weekly newsletter too as we often send exclusive discount offers, reminders and special event notices to our newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber? Click here to sign up!

What forms of payment are accepted at Sweet Shoppe Designs?
Sweet Shoppe Designs is proud to offer the option to pay for your order using Paypal or your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards. You can feel secure using your credit card at Sweet Shoppe Designs because the shoppe is SSL encrypted and PCI/DSS compliant and verified through Security Metrics.

If you are paying through Paypal, you will be directed to Paypal’s website where you can pay for your goods. Once your transaction is complete at their site, you will be redirected back to the Sweet Shoppe where your downloads will be available for you to enjoy.

If you are paying using an e-check through Paypal, your order WILL be pending until the funds are released from your bank account and Paypal pays the shoppe. This process can take 3-4 BUSINESS days, so please be aware of the delay when using the echeck option at Paypal. Once we receive notice that the funds have cleared from your bank account, your products will be released and available for download.

If you are paying by credit card, once your transation has been approved directly here on our site, your downloads will be available immediately on the checkout confirmation page.

Can I share purchased Sweet Shoppe Designs products with friends/relatives?
While we know dessert is a delicious thing to share with a friend or family member, our delectable designs come portioned as single servings only! If your friend or family member wants a taste, we would appreciate it if you would point them in our direction and tell them to purchase a treat of their own. Please review the terms of use included in EVERY product you download from our site for further details on what you may and may NOT do with our designs.

Is commercial use of Sweet Shoppe Designs products permitted?
Our designers decide for themselves if they will allow Scrap 4 Hire or Commercial Use when it comes to their products. Please see our Terms of Use for full details and get in touch with our designers individually using our contact us page if you have any questions on whether or not the usage you have in mind is permitted.

Will Sweet Shoppe Designs have frequent discount sales?
Well, the truth is that everyone LOVES a sale, and the Sweet Shoppe Designers know this! While sales are infrequent, storewide sales can usually be found during our Anniversary Celebration in February, National Scrapbook Day in May and Digital Scrapbook Day in November to name a few. You can always grab our newest releases for 25% off every weekend too, and if you love to scrap, we hope you’ll join us in completing our monthly challenge portfolio where you can earn 20, 30 or even 40% off in the shoppe during Sweet Rewards week!

What is the proper way to credit a Sweet Shoppe Designs designer when using their products?
We realize that the terms of use varies from site to site so there is really no single correct way to credit the SSD designers. Ideally though, if the site you are posting on allows it, we’d like you to include the designer’s name, the name of her kit and Sweet Shoppe Designs in your credits.

How do I upload layouts to the Sweet Shoppe Gallery?
Once you’ve registered for an account in our forums and your account has been upgraded to Sweet Shoppe Member status, you’ll be able to upload your layouts to our gallery. Layouts must be no larger than 700px x 700px and 500kb in file size. This tutorial may be helpful.

I saw a SSD product used in a fellow scrapper’s layout, but I can’t find this item in your shoppe. Where could it be?
It’s possible that the product you are looking for has been retired. Feel free to PM the designer whose products you are looking for, she may be able to help you with its whereabouts, and if you see a Going, Going… GONE sale in progress, grab your favorite goodies before they’re retired into the Sweet Shoppe vault for good.

I am new to digital scrapbooking. Will I find tutorials and how-to guides at SSD?
We are so very pleased to have a full range of digital scrapbooking tutorials here at Sweet Shoppe Designs. From getting starting with your first purchase to learning how to download and start your first layout, our amazing staff has you covered. You’ll find tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced scrapbookers and tutorials for hybrid scrapbookers and photographers too. If you ever have ideas for tutorials you’d like to see please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

I’m having trouble downloading from the store, and have exceeded my 5 attempts. Can you reset my order?
When downloading from the store, we recommend turning off all of your download managers as many of them open multiple connections to the site to try and download faster, resulting in more errors. Should you find yourself without any more attempts, use our contact page to send an email to Order Resets, and include your order number to expedite your request.

My computer / external hard drive has failed, and I have lost everything! Can you reset all of my past orders?
At the Sweet Shoppe we understand that occasionally technical difficulties may make your digital files inaccessible and we want to help whenever possible. After the initial 5 day window to download your files, orders will be reset upon request only, once per customer. We do not reset orders older than 45 days old, and very large reset requests may be subject to a small convenience fee. Use our contact page to send an email to Order Resets, and include your order number to expedite your request. Please allow up to 72 hours for order reset requests to be processed.

I just paid for my order using Paypal, but my order is ‘queued’, and I can’t download. What do I do?
Most of the time, queued orders happen as a result of our server being very busy, and not reconnecting with Paypal after you’ve paid. To try and help with this, choose “return to site” on the Paypal page once your payment has been completed. Most of the time, download emails are generated for queued orders, and you can often access your downloads even if the status says queued. However, if you cannot find a way to access your downloads, please contact us with your order numbers and request that your order be set to processed.

I’m trying to download my order from the links that were sent via email, but every time I click the link it says “Access denied. You are not allowed to access that resource. Error code: 33”. What do I do?
Like a “queued order”, this error happens as a result of our database not keeping up with the download links which were sent to you via email on busy days. With a little time, the database usually catches up to the links that were sent via email and the issue resolves itself, but you should always be able to download from your Order History directly in the store instead of via the download links which were sent to your email.

I’ve downloaded my order, but when I unzip it the file ends up empty. Can I get new downloads?
Many of our designers create and zip their products on Mac, and some versions of Windows throw a fit when trying to unzip their files. You can download a 3rd party extraction program like CAMunzip or UnzipThemAll which may help with the issue, but we’ve found just double clicking the zip file until you can see a list of the files inside, selecting the entire list and dragging to a new location, works best. The files are unzipped as they’re copied to the new location.

When I try to download files from your site, I get a warning that the files aren’t commonly downloaded and could be dangerous. Are your files going to harm my computer?
The warning you’re receiving is a result of recent “improvements” Google has made to Chrome. The popular browser has started scanning our .zip files and flags them if a .url file is inside. Many of our designers include these harmless web shortcuts in their downloads to redirect you back to their section of the site. If you try downloading using another browser, you likely won’t have the issue or the warning popup. You should also be able to click the little arrow to the right of the “discard” button in the warning box in Chrome to select the option to download anyway.

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