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Memory Lane Monday – Melissa Bennett


A brand new week is here Sweet Shoppers, and that means it’s time for another trip down memory lane! Each week in 2014, we’re putting some of our designer’s oldest products into the spotlight and sharing some amazing inspiration to show off just what can be done with these awesome goodies!

We’ve made it all the way through the alphabet, which means this week we’re putting another awesome product from Melissa Bennett into the spotlight again and it is one of my favorites! I don’t know many scrappers who aren’t a little Disney crazy from time to time. Whether it’s scrapping your dream vacation or your adorable vacation photos, Melissa’s Mouse Magic Bundle will have you covered! The original Mouse Magic was release all the way back in 2009 and as you’ll see in the adorable layouts below, it’s stood the test of time. Best of all, our Memory Lane Monday products are always 40% off in our Bargain Bites section for the week they are showcased too, so don’t miss heading to the shoppe to snag this week’s sweet treat if it isn’t already part of your collection…



















Tune in next week to see who is in the spotlight next and feel free to leave a comment with a link to your layout if you decide to pick up and scrap with Melissa’s Mouse Magic this week sometime!

Spotlight Sunday- Sarah (Community Member Edition)


This week we’re spotlighting Sarah aka Saar!



This is me
Hi Sweet Shoppers!!! I feel so honored to be spotlighted today. It was a complete surprise and I’m a bit nervous, but here we go.
My name is Sarah and I live in Belgium. In the past, I didn’t like it when someone was trying to take my picture. I was the person behind the camera, not in front. But that has changed since I started scrapping. I love to go through my albums and not only find my family and friends in them, but me included. I also want to have my friends and family to have something to remember me by, when I’m not here anymore.
I don’t like the way I look on photos most of the time, but the two upper photos are ones I actually do like. If I’m not alone on a photo, you can probably find my boyfriend or my co-worker and close friend (or other friends) in it too.
Fave Layouts
That’s a though one. I’m participating in the Sweet Shoppe Summer Shadowbox challenges this month. So I chose 4 layouts I made for the challenges.
Top left: Halloween In Disneyland Paris. In Belgium, Halloween isn’t celebrated like in the US. But I love this holiday, so we celebrate it in Disneyland Paris. The photos in this layout bring back a lot of memories and I love how it turned out. Oh, and I have a weakness for beautiful Halloween kits. Lol. This one is my all time favorite Halloween kit because of the soft colors.
Top right: I made this one for the ABC challenge. It took me hours to find the right photos. When I had all the photos in my layout, I didn’t like it at all and was about to start over. But then I picked a kit and the background paper and decided to continue. I was surprised how it turned out.
Bottom left: This one is special to because of the person in the photos. She’s very dear to me. I met her online on a forum. We started e-mailing and became friends. She knows me better than my friends I see daily. These photos are taken on the day we met in real life. We only met each other twice, so these photos are precious to me.
Bottom right: I love this one because of the colors and clusters. Creating this layout went so smoothly and I couldn’t stop adding things. I really like how it turned out.
Fave products
Top left: Cindy’s templates. Whenever I need to do a journal page, I look at Cindy’s templates first. I don’t only love her journal templates, I love ALL her templates. They make scrapping so easy. It’s her designs that made me discover Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Top right: Kristin is really the best in outdoor/wood kits and I love every single one she makes. This one is my absolute favorite because of the colors, the word strips, patterned papers. I use it over and over again.
Bottom left: Traci’s “Magical” collection is fabulous. I use them for my Disney pages all the time. My favorite is Magical Adventure because of the colors and the PERFECT patterned papers. I love every single layout I create with it.
Bottom right: I love templates made by Zoliofrope because of the paper layers and the shapes she uses. Honeycomb templates are one of my favorites because of the hexagons.
Fave places I’ve visited
I love to travel and go on city trips. Here are some of my favorite places I have visited.
Top left: London. I had no expectations when we were planning our trip to London. But wow, I loved it! I loved the musea, the parks, the people, the musicals, everything… London has become my all time favorite city.
Top right: New York. We won a city trip to New York a few years ago. It was my first time in the States and I loved it. Now that I’ve seen New York, I want to see more of America. I hope to be able to go back someday.
Bottom left: Disneyland Paris. Disneyland is my happy place. For me, it’s the perfect place to leave the everyday life behind for a just couple of days.
Bottom right: Perros-Guirec in Brittany, France. I have a “thing” with lighthouses. There aren’t that many in Belgium, so when we’re on vacation, I love to visit some. Phare Min-Ruz in Perros-Guirec is by far my favorite one. I loved the whole atmosphere of that place. I didn’t want to leave. Lol.
Places I want to go to
Top left: San Francisco. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to go to San Francisco. I don’t know where it came from or how I got that in my head, but I still want to go and see Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Warf etc…
Top right: Stockholm, Sweden. I don’t only want to visit Stockholm, but I would love to visit all the Scandinavian countries. We’re talking about it for years now, but we still weren’t able to visit Stockholm. Hopefully we’re able to go in the near future.
Bottom left: Scotland. I’ve been in Scotland once and it was only for a weekend. I just love to visit old castles and get to know about their history, plus Scotland is a beautiful country. I would love to go back and do a roadtrip.
Bottom right: Canada. One of my dream vacations would be to go hiking in Canada. We love to hike and nature is Canada must be breathtaking!
Well, that’s it.
I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know a little about me.

Sweet Shoppe Saturday 8/30

Hey, Hey Sweet Shoppers! It’s Sweet Shoppe Saturday somewhere right now which means that it’s time for a slew of brand new goodies from our amazing designers and as usual, they do not disappoint! There are more than 50 sweet new treats hitting the shoppe tonight including a bunch of new scoops for your enjoyment, so let’s get right to it with your first look at this week’s yummy new stuff…

As usual, all of tonight’s new releases will be 20% off through Sunday at 6am EST, but to make shopping even sweeter this weekend, we have a brand new designer in the spotlight as our Featured Designer and she has a scrumptious new kit that’s yours FREE when you spend $10 in the shoppe between now and September 11th! Amber’s grown up and gorgeous style is the perfect backdrop for your photos of loved ones young and old, so head to the shoppe now so you can get your hands on her gorgeous FWP goodie, Cherish

In other news, there are just two challenges left in our Summer Shadowbox event and we can’t believe how many amazing layouts have been added to the gallery in the last 29 days! Nearly 3000 gorgeous layouts have been created especially for this month’s inspiring scrap-a-thon, so if you’re hungry for fun new ideas, stop by our special Summer Shadowbox Gallery now to favorite some pages and leave some love for our amazing contestants. They are nearly at the finish line which is incredibly exciting!

On that note, I’m off for the week, but I’ll be here in your inbox next weekend with lots more sweet new stuff. Until then, keep making memories and scrap MORE!

Featured Designer FWP – Amber Shaw


Sweet Shoppers, Featured Designer Friday is here, and that means it’s time to put another of our amazing designers into the spotlight! Don’t forget, each member of our design team will be in the spotlight for two weeks before a brand new designer rotates into the mix every other Friday, so check back often to see what’s new…


Sweet Shoppers, it’s back to back new chickies as we’re putting the fabulously talented Amber Shaw into our Featured Designer spotlight this week! If you aren’t already a fan, once you have this beautiful kit in your hands, we know you’ll fall in love with Amber’s sophisticated, grown up style that is perfectly suited for loved ones young and old! We are tickled to have Amber as part of our team, and we can’t wait to see the pages you create with Cherish. Take a peek at this week’s amazing selection of eye candy from our talented Babes and head to the shoppe now because over the next two weeks, when you spend $10 in the shoppe, you’ll get Cherish absolutely free and we think that’s pretty sweet…


















Check in next Friday to get to know Amber a little better in her 4 in 2014 post! We absolutely love this year’s image heavy post that will give you some insight into some of her favorite things, so don’t miss it!

One Word Wednesday: Cork


Our goal at Sweet Shoppe Designs has always been to bring you the best products in the community and showcase them in a beautiful way. Throughout the coming year, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on our products in a fun new way, one word at a time. It’s a interesting way to break things down and look and themes and concepts tackled by our talented designers in the products they create! We sincerely hope you enjoy looking at these fun idea boards week after week, and should you have any ideas for a word you’d like to see showcased in the future, leave a comment below! If we choose to use your word, we’ll give you a free kit of your choice from the shoppe!

This week’s word is Cork, and we love the products we were able to dig up for you today. If you see anything you like click the image to be taken straight to the shoppe for a closer look!

Weird is Rad-Kit by Meghan Mullens & Studio Basic DesignsPocket Life: April Cork Bits by Traci ReedHello There by Tickled Pink StudioCork elements by Juliana Kneipp[every day] february is by lauren grierCampfire Friends: Cork Stickers by Jenn BarretteNumber Cruncher by Heather Roselli & Libby PritchettOn The Road Again by Zoe PearnHe's Rad by Traci ReedCheers by Shawna Clingerman and Krystal HartleyBasic Backgrounds by Shawna ClingermanWhat's Your Story? by Heather Roselli


Tuck It In Tuesday: August 26


Sweet Shoppers, it’s that time of the week again—time for another weekly round up of the best pocket scrapping layouts around! Once again, we’ve found some incredible pages over the last week to inspire you, so whether you pocket scrap digitally or hybrid style, we hope you enjoy this week’s showcase.























Check in with us next Tuesday as we bring more sweet pocket page inspiration straight from the Sweet Shoppe Designs gallery!

Memory Lane Monday – Misty Cato


A brand new week is here Sweet Shoppers, and that means it’s time for another trip down memory lane! Each week in 2014, we’re putting some of our designer’s oldest products into the spotlight and sharing some amazing inspiration to show off just what can be done with these awesome goodies!

We’ve made it all the way through the alphabet, which means this week we’re putting another awesome product from Misty Cato into the spotlight again. This week’s sweet treat is here just in time for Back To School and we know you’ll get a ton of use out of it, especially if you have little ones just starting school. ABC & 123 was released all the way back in 2008, but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s as adorable as ever when you check out the layouts I was able to dig up both new and old to show off this fun kit! Even sweeter, all of our Memory Lane Monday products are always 40% off in our Bargain Bites section for the week they are showcased too, so don’t miss heading to the shoppe to snag this week’s sweet treat if it isn’t already part of your collection…



















Tune in next week to see who is in the spotlight next and feel free to leave a comment with a link to your layout if you decide to pick up and scrap with Misty’s ABC & 123 this week sometime!

Spotlight Sunday- Jacinda (Sugarbabe Edition)


This week we’ll be spotlighting SugarBabe Jacinda!!

Jacinda Selfies

I kind of dreaded this post, because I’m really not one for taking selfies. I keep saying I’ll get in front of the camera more, but while the idea sounds good in theory, actually doing it is still hard for me.
Jacinda fav layouts
 Fav layouts
It’s always hard choosing favourites because I think each new layout becomes my new fav. I chose All Aboard because I rarely do extractions, and this one actually turned out pretty good for my niece. Just Be Brave: I love this photo of my girls. They had their hair curled for the first time and I think they looked amazing. I also loved the kit with the richness of colour. Happiness: Simple blocking, beautiful colours and a great photo of my girls and their best friends. Looking at this page just makes me happy. Elisa: I love doing journal heavy pages of my girls. I love looking back and reading their comments, and this page turned out particularly well with the filmstrip theme and bright colours.
Jacinda SSD products
SSD products
I adore Janet’s templates. I use her products a lot because they allow me to scrap quickly and cleanly, while still allowing room to be creative and get all clustery if I want. This particular set I used to scrap our Australia trip in October, and I was able to get 16 pages done in just a day or two.
KCB’s kits are always beautiful, but this one is my new fav. I love the rich colour palette, and her flowers and greenery are always amazing.
School kits are one of my favourite themed kits, and this new one by Yari had me at Hello. I can see lots of pages scrapped with this one.
Jenn’s stitches are my go to whenever I want to add a little something extra to my layouts. I have several of her packs, but his one is the one I use  most.
Jacinda USA trip
USA trip
The last time I was in the States, I was 10 years old, so I was stoked to have the opportunity to return 30 years later. My husband had a work conference in Tampa in May, and I got to accompany him for 2 weeks. We had an amazing holiday, and I got to meet scrap friends Jenn, Juli, Stacey, Lydia and Aly for the first time. For the second half of our trip, hubby went on work visits with his boss while I flew north and stayed with Lydia in Salt Lake City. I got to visit Temple Square and see the Latter-Day Saint Temple and surrounding buildings, which was a very surreal and beautiful experience. We met back up in LA and flew home together. This was our first ever trip away with out the kids, and while we had a great time, coming home to our girls was the real highlight.
Jacinda Focus
My focus
My family of course. I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life. Raising our girls to be kind, thoughtful, well rounded members of society is a conscious effort and we do our best to prepare them for success and shower them with unconditional love.
Books: I love reading. I can lose myself in a book for days. These are just my latest favs. Fantasy Sci-fi is my preferred genre but I’ll read most anything.
Getting healthy: I’ve started a healthy eating plan and exercise routine this month with Miss Fitness Life. Meal and exercise plans are provided, and there is great support in the online forums. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m enjoying feeling healthier and working my way to increased fitness again.
Essential oils: This is a new obsession for me. After finding out about Young Living oils through a friend, I ordered some and tried them out. They are amazing! Now instead of giving my family medication when they’re ill, we mostly use essential oils. My girls love Lavender on the bridge of their nose to get rid of a runny nose and Thieves for sore throats. Peppermint has helped my headaches and any stomach problems, and hubby swears by the Deep Relief blend for sore muscles. I use Lemon and Grapefruit in my drinking water to aid metabolism and help with detox, and I use lavender and frankincense in my facial care routine. I’m still new to oils, but what I’ve used so far has impressed me so much I know this is just the beginning.
Well I guess that’s about enough from me. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

Sweet Shoppe Saturday 8/23

Hey, hey Sweet Shoppers! Your favorite day of the week is here, and if you guys can believe it, this is pretty much the last weekend of summer, which is just crazy! We’re heading full on into fall here at Sweet Shoppe Designs with loads of new releases perfect for the upcoming season. There are just 9 challenges to go in our big Summer Shadowbox event too, so if you’re playing along with that, hang in there because the finish line is in sight! I have lots to share with you tonight, so let’s get started with your first look at this week’s sweet new stuff

I absolutely adore this week’s new releases as I think there is something for everyone! Want whimsical and colorful back to school kits? Check! Soft and girly kits full of flowers? Check! How ’bout rough and tumble kits for your little man? Yep, we’ve got that hitting the shoppe tonight too. Best of all, as usual, all of our new releases are 20% off through Sunday at 6am! If you’re looking for a bit of a steeper discount, don’t forget you can always get involved in our weekly challenges to earn a discount in the shoppe each and every month too, but that’s just the icing on the cake of the things we have going on around the site every week! Take a peek at some of this week’s highlights…

We love September through December around here, so you can plan on lots more sweet stuff coming your way over the next few months, and the best way to hear about it before anyone else is right here in your inbox. So keep an eye out for our weekly mails and you’ll be in the know on everything going on at the sweetest spot in town!

Like always, I’ll be back next weekend with lots more sweet new stuff. Until then, keep making memories and scrap MORE!

4 in ’14 – Megan Turnidge


Another Featured Designer Friday is here Sweet Shoppers, and this week we’re bringing you part two of Megan Turnidge’s fun 4 in ’14 spotlight which is going to give you some insight into her favorite layouts, recipes and MORE! I have been loving the chance to get to know our designers a little better words and pictures, and I hope you have been enjoying it too! Don’t forget between now and next Thursday, August 28th, you’ll get It’s A Wonderful Life,  Megan’s gorgeous and feminine featured designer kit that’s perfect for showcasing your favorite memories, FREE when you spend $10 in the shoppe!


I’m not the type that takes selfies very often, but I do try to get a photo of myself about once a month. I wish I would get in front of the camera WITH my kids and hubby more!


I love food. Way too much. I also love baking and cooking. It’s a dangerous (yet delicious) hobby. I use Pinterest pretty heavily for discovering new recipes and I try several new recipes every month. Here are a couple that have become family faves:

1. These buttery dinner rolls taste like heaven. Delicious, fatty, buttery, carby heaven. They are actually pretty easy to make (no kneading required) and come out so impressive. I made these for the first time for a test run for Thanksgiving back in October of last year and it led me to try a lot of other breads. In fact, I don’t buy any bread from the store anymore. I bake it all at home.

2. Perfect M&M Cookies – They really are perfect. This dough is so addicting! This was the first time I ever used dry vanilla pudding mix in a cookie recipe and I’m a convert! The vanilla pudding mix keeps them soft, adds to the flavor, and they taste fresh for DAYS longer than traditional recipes. I’m a total sucker for M&Ms in my cookies too. Om nom.

3. Shrimp Scampi – I tried this recipe for the first time last month and it was immediately added to my recipe binder! Who knew a fancy dish like shrimp scampi could be SO EASY?! Seriously, 15 minutes is all you need for this dish.

4. Perfect Pizza Crust – I love Annie’s Eats. She never lets me down! Her recipe for pizza crust dough is perfect and she shares all her tips for getting perfect pizza in her post (yes, you NEED a stone). We make pizza almost every Friday. This was a Philly Cheesesteak pizza I put together and it’s my fave.


Sigh. I haven’t scrapped in years! It makes me so sad! Though these are a few years old, I still love them! I need to make the time to scrap so I can document all those special moments.


I’m not the type of girl who gets all made up very often, but when I do, I love to have some high quality tools in my bag! Most of my makeup is drugstore, but I’ve learned over the years that some items are worth splurging on. Here are some of my favorite beauty items:

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 – this was my first high-end purchase of eyeshadows and I’m so glad I decided to splurge! Their Naked palettes have a good range of basic shades for making many different looks. This eyeshadow is so silky and lovely!

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – I canNOT live without this eye liner! I like to do a winged eye liner and this felt tip pen makes it super easy. It goes on smooth and super black and it really does last all day. I tried 5 or 6 cheaper eye pens similar to this one before I broke down and tried the Stila eye liner. All my others would feather and bleed or would rub off in my crease during the day or just weren’t dark enough. This stuff is totally worth it.

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil – I like to use this along my lower lashes. It lasts all day, but it’s smudgeable for about 30 seconds. I take a smudge brush and smudge it out along my lower lashes for a perfect complement to my bold upper liner.

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – This is a must every time I apply eye makeup. It helps your eyeshadow go on more vibrant and helps it stay on your lids all day long. Plus, it lasts forever. A little bit about the size of a grain of long grain rice is all I need.


Don’t forget to check back in with us next Friday and every friday after that as we put the rest of our incredible designers into the spotlight. Each of them have such quirky personalities that I’m positive each week will bring new surprises and special treats that we can’t wait to share with you!