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WOOHOO! It’s Friday!
For some of us, Friday means it’s time to go out and have a wonderful weekend with friends, grab a few drinks and maybe some dancing! Personally for me, it means DAYTONA WEEKEND! DH and I are avid race fans (GO JR!) and this weekend is the Daytona 500, or for you non-race fans, the start of the NASCAR racing season. We are having friends over for race time and dinner so it’s going to be lots o’ fun.

This week’s From Our Blog to Yours is going to have 2 parts. Yep, thats right! Firstly, I would love to hear all about your weekend plans. Do you plan on taking the kids to a birthday party, having lunch with a girlfriend, scrapping in your PJ’s….maybe taking care of sick kids like I am today? LOL! Ya got 3 days this weekend to talk about (with the holiday and all).

As for me, tonight DH and I will probably sit and watch some television and I’m making chili in the crock pot. We have a few shows on Friday nights that we like to catch or maybe I’ll run out and grab a movie when I go to town today. Tomorrow, my DH has to work a 24 hour shift so it’s just me and the kiddos. I will probably scrap while the kids play, hang out here at the Sweet Shoppe and do some CT assignments that needs to be finished. For dinner I’ll probably grab some pizzas because they’re yummy and easy and make everyone happy. Then we have our Daytona Day on Sunday. Monday will be one of those days where everything is up in the air. I would like to say it would be nice to be lazy and grab a nap and just cuddle up with DH and the kids and watch movies, but usually when I say that, DH decides he wants to go to the mall or into town to do something.

For the second part of this week’s From Our Blog to Yours, I want to hear about another hobby of yours besides scrapping. I just took up knitting this week so I’m having a lot of fun learning and practicing that. I’ve been a crocheter since I was about 9 years old so knitting is just the next step for me. I’m going to Joann’s today to pick up some more needles and yarn so I can try to actually use a pattern today! I really enjoy having an extra hobby that doesn’t require sitting at the computer, staring at the screen, and its nice to be able to do it while watching TV and spending time sitting with the family. Usually scrapping requires me being in another room as everyone else, so knitting is a nice, fresh change of pace for me.

Ok girls! Happy Blogging! Be sure to post the link to your blog entries in the comments section of the blog…and remember, participating in From Our Blog to Yours gives you points towards the Sweet Rewards program!!!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!!!

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