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Tuck it in Tuesday – 10/5

Whew….are you as exhausted as I am after all the DSD activities?! That was a whirlwind weekend for sure but it’s back to ‘normal’ life lol. It’s Tuesday and that means I’m here with Tuck it in Tuesday edition of gallery layouts I’ve found. I want to first say thank you for all the encouraging […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 9/21

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can’t believe September is flying by so quickly. I feel like I missed a whole week somewhere. How are you coming along with the Passport challenges this month? The passport challenge thread is hopping with activity so if you’re stuck on one of the prompts you can check out what others […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 8/31

I don’t know about you but I’m going to be really sad when the Scrap It! Summer Shadowbox event is over. The activity and just sheer creativity that’s been popping up each and every day in The Gallery all month has been nothing short of amazing! Our members have really outdone themselves coming up with […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 8/24

The glorious outdoors… you can get a feel for it in The Gallery these days, in all the unique iterations it might look like across our members. We’re relishing in the sunshine before things start changing. Speaking of changes, are the kids (and teachers, of course) heading back to school where you live? That just […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 8/17

The Gallery is always inspiring, but have you spent a few minutes in the Scrap It! Summer section? It’s absolute perfection in there!! You want an idea for a theme or an inspiring color palette… check! Page design ideas or maybe a new “must have” digital template… got you covered. Kits to add to your […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 8/10

GOSH, is The Gallery just AMAZING these days!! We’ve got photos and stories of every theme being shared. It might just have something to do with the Scrap It! Summer Shadowbox event in The Forum :), a different set of prompts for each day with the opportunity to collect all the pieces to The Journey […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 8/3

The summer is just flying by!  Some students are already heading back to class while others will enjoy at least a few more weeks to stay up late, sleep in and PLAY outdoors in the sunshine. Hopefully that means lots of opportunities for fun photos to scrap. You should definitely use some of them to […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/27

The Scrap It! Summer challenges have created a buzz in The Forum AND definitely in The Gallery this month! If you haven’t participated yet, you can find information about Weekend Getaway #4 right here. It’s been super fun, seeing both literal and figurative “travel” as we’re all dreaming about visiting these exotic locales. Our pocket […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/20

When you really sit down and think about it, digital really is a game changer in the world of scrapbooking! I mean “pockets” don’t have to mean literal pockets… they can be more of a rough approximation of placement and that makes the style even more versatile for those that embrace it. Even if it’s […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/13

The Scrap It! Summer challenges have The Gallery just POPPING with activity! There’s something about a fun set of inspirational prompts to get the scrappy creative juices flowing, don’t you think? And since these are all kind of travel based we’re vicariously exploring a little bit of the world along the way. And our pocket […]

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