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Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/27

The Scrap It! Summer challenges have created a buzz in The Forum AND definitely in The Gallery this month! If you haven’t participated yet, you can find information about Weekend Getaway #4 right here. It’s been super fun, seeing both literal and figurative “travel” as we’re all dreaming about visiting these exotic locales. Our pocket […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/20

When you really sit down and think about it, digital really is a game changer in the world of scrapbooking! I mean “pockets” don’t have to mean literal pockets… they can be more of a rough approximation of placement and that makes the style even more versatile for those that embrace it. Even if it’s […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/13

The Scrap It! Summer challenges have The Gallery just POPPING with activity! There’s something about a fun set of inspirational prompts to get the scrappy creative juices flowing, don’t you think? And since these are all kind of travel based we’re vicariously exploring a little bit of the world along the way. And our pocket […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 7/6

If you’re in the US, I hope you had a safe and enjoyable long holiday weekend. The Gallery is just hopping with activity this month. It might have something to do with the Scrap It! Summer Weekend Getaway activities in The Forum 🙂  Don’t you just LOVE seeing how your fellow scrappers incorporate the “themes” of these […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/29

The Sweet Shoppe Gallery is a literal fountain of inspiration! You can always find examples of your specific scrap style OR one you want to learn more about just by scrolling through the pages. In digi, imitation is a wonderfully sincere form of flattery because it means something about that layout touched someone’s heart enough […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/22

Some people believe the pocket format can be boring with no room for personal expression… but I beg to differ. Today’s batch of pocket style pages from The Gallery have some unique, amazing examples of clustering, don’t you think? That’s the beauty of digital pockets, you can scrap outside of them much more easily than […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/15

I love digital pocket pages for their versatility. You can use them “as-is” plopping in your photos and some pretty patterned cards and/or a journaling card or two to jot down a few words. You can flip them sideways, move the squares and rectangles around, expanding some and shrinking others OR you can remove placeholders […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/8

School is coming to an end for most of us and the weather is getter better for many. This time of year might equate to either more or less free time for your creative pursuits based on time spent outdoors or perhaps traveling but it usually always means MORE photos to scrap and MORE stories […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 6/1

If The Gallery is any indication, it looks like we have travel on the brain! We’re using both traditional and pocket formats to tell the stories of vacations, big and small, hopefully getting ourselves ready for REAL adventures as the pandemic restrictions begin to lift. Until we can actually GO, we can live vicariously though […]

Tuck It In Tuesday – 5/25

It’s hard to believe it’s almost JUNE! 2021 is just speeding along and the pages posted in The Gallery show off the creativity and the dedication to storytelling from our Sweet Shoppe friends. Each and every week you all post these amazing layouts documenting big moments and small, reflecting your individuality and artistry to provide […]

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