Tuck it Tuesday – 2/1

February is here everyone!!!! One of our favorite months here at the sweetest spot around because that means we’ve been sharing our goodies, lives, and happiness with you ALL another year. Yes, this is our Sweet 16 year and I can tell you this month is going to BE AMAZING. We’ve got games, prizes and freebies plus NEW designers and more!

I cannot wait to get this day started with all of it. If you’re reading this early enough, the storewide sale is still going so, you’ve got a few more hours to pick up some last minute goodies in the Shoppe.

Before you head to the Shoppe though, it’s Tuesday, and I’m here with this month’s Tuck it Tuesday post. I was browsing all of the gorgeous eye-candy in the gallery all weekend long and I found LOTS of pocket pages and pocket-esque pages. I am So over-the-moon excited that I am seeing more and more. If you can remember back to October (yeah I know that seems like ages ago) when I talked about being digital artists?! No, you can refresh your memory HERE but make sure you come back to this post. 😉

I love being a digital scrapbooker because we are allowed to “do” our thing and don’t always have to follow the “normal” rules that paper/traditional artists do. This is why I choose the pocket-style pages I do, I love rebels, the rule-breakers that aren’t afraid of veering off course a bit. Project Life and traditional grid-like pocket-style pages definitely have their place in our albums too, but sometimes we just want to go outside of the mold. I choose pages that I think will inspire YOU too, inspire you to think outside of the “grid” and experiment with creating your own pocket-style pages.

With that, I’ve got seven lovely pages where the artist did her own “thing”: whether going photo-less or piling on elements and even one using all journal cards to create a background. Everything will be linked so you can see the page in all its glory, leave a little love and find credits to what they used. So settle in, open your mind, and let inspiration speak to you today.









That will do it for today hopefully you got a twinkle in your eye for one of these and will try out some pocket-style pages soon. Before we go, remember, you can still pick up the Forever: fundraiser for Ru Mega Collection in the Shoppe.

Until next week, I hope to see you in the forums for our birthday celebration.

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