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Yep… you’re stuck with me again haha, in fact- I believe you’ll be stuck with me all month 😉 Stinks huh? hehe

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So are you ready???? 🙂

This week I’ve enlisted the help of a couple of my dear pals, I wanted to come up with a goofy SSD exclusive quiz haha.

Since we all know I’m yummy man obsessed………

  • question #1 who’s your dreamy dreamy steamy hottie (and hubby’s don’t count) don’t just answer.. post up a picture, I need eye candy!

so.. I was going to go with the ones I’ve already tortured my beloved CT with. You see…. being on my ct is special, I have a thing for posts including dreamy men 😉 It’s even part of my CT guidelines. haha Anyway.. since it’s late, I will share with you my final secret yummy. I’m embarrassed by him.. because, only now, does he finally not look like such a 12 yr old boy- but alas, I think he is delicious..

(shhhh.. just don’t tell my hubby)

  • question#2 what is the goofiest thing you’ve said/done this week?

well… I just had quite the amusing conversation with Amanda while trying to make this quiz. I suppose it was more about HER being goofy, farts.. smiley faces drawn in the most inappropriate places. BUT.. my reaction was quite hysterical, as I was dying laughing over here… I decided, that I have the maturity of about a 6 yr old boy.

  • question #3 If I (or some random other person, as I can’t really answer this properly otherwise haha) walked into your house RIGHT NOW, what would embarrass you the most (be it an item, a mess, your fridge.. whatever)?

The whole house in general is rather embarrassing… I had something else written here originally but I had to change my answer haha {now you can sit and wonder 😉 }

  • question #4 what creepy things do you have living (or growing.. ) under your bed (due to lack of cleaning of course 😉 )?

Well….. tbh, I rarely sleep in the bedroom. So whatever is under there is a spawn of Terrell- and I really don’t want to look!

  • question #5 have you ever done a drive by fart in the super market? Did anyone notice?

ME?!?! Never! I’m a LADY. hah

  • question #6 Finish this sentence… If I were a duck__________.

I’d sing a lil song that went.. ooh I am a duck , quack quack quack, I have a beak, and I go clack clack clack, oh I think I am yellow, but maybe I’m brown.. I’m not really sure because I can’t see all around. Ooooh I am a duck, quack quack quack..
{reminder.. I need sleep }

  • question #7 google it … dude do it! ” your  name is” __

          Lauren is not the delicate whispers of a mother chanting lullabies to her baby.

  • question #8 what colour are your underwear?

underwear are for whimps!

  • question #9 if you could be with anyone right now, who would it be? why? (I’m not talking dirty here people.. stay with me, focus! lol)

I would like to be with a few people right now.. some I know I never will be, some I know I never should be, some I never will be again. BUT.. It’d be cool to be at Shawna’s house right now.. bugging her with my goof nature.

  • question #10 close your eyes, what do you see? (well, not SEE see.. obviously, work with me, it’s 230am 😛 )

Well… I see bright neon flashing swirls. I think they’ve burned into my eyeballs. They’re never going away!! aaa

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of From our Blog to Yours! Have a great weekend everyone!!! 🙂

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