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This Friday’s Featured scrapper is another great one. This week, we’re featuring Melissa Lewis (aka mlewis) and what I love about looking into her gallery is her journaling. Maybe it is only a few lines, but the journaling is there and to me, that is what is important.

Melissa uses PhotoShop Elements 7 {PSE7} and Lightroom 2.5 for scrapping.  Her camera of choice is a Nikon D90.  She’s been scrapping since December 2005.

Q. How often do you find time to sit down and scrap?
I scrap nearly every day, usually during naptime or after the kid’s bedtime, but I always have my PSE open and a LO is almost always in progress even if I only stop 3-4 minutes at a time during my day to work on it.

Q. Do you prefer softer kits with subdued colors or do you love bright bold kits?
Now that I have a little girl, I prefer anything with pink! LOL Generally, I’m a fan of brighter colors.

Q. You are fabulous at scrapping moments – how important is that to you?
The little moments are important to me for two reasons. When Camden was about 2 years old, I happened to pull out some baby videos of him and realized that I actually could not remember what he was like at that baby age,and I was devastated. I had become acquainted with digital scrapping over the past few months and resolved right then and there to learn how. I pulled out my version of PSE2, started scrapping, and started a blog immediately, and never looked back. My second reason for scrapping the little moments is more complicated. My two children are both adopted from South Korea and we have very little information or pictures from their early months, and I feel so strongly about documenting the rest of their life. For my daughter, we have no pictures prior to her at 13 months, and I’m sure that I overcompensate in an effort to give them back every memory that I can.

Q. What other hobbies to you have aside from digi?
Not many. LOL I’m an avid reader and if I’m not scrapping in my free time, I’m probably reading a book (or watching reality TV).

Here are Melissa’s 3 Favorite layouts and why:

10 Favorite Things
One of my favorites because it’s a little list of favorite things for my daughter, and I did it for a contest that required us to use alot of “stuff” on our pages – something I’m not usually all that good with (unless it’s a template) and I was pleased with the results.


One of my favorites because of what the pictures represent – Rory playing with a gift sent to her by her foster mother in Korea.

Perfect example of why I scrap – to remember things like what Camden’s kindergarten teacher said at his first parent/teacher conference.


Featured Scrapper Challenge (Bonus #5) for your January 2010 Scrapper’s Portfolio

 Melissa (aka mlewis) can take the most everyday photo and turn it into a fabulous layout all by jorunaling. Your challenge is to do the same.

**please note this challenge is worth 1 point and cannot be combined with other portfolio prompts except for NR bonus point for a total of 2 points.**

Here are some examples from our very own Sugar Babes!


Nikki’s using You’re Moody by Lauren Reid

Keely’s using Just Breathe by Eva Kipler , DJB Sarahsprint-(In The Fine Print Font Pack) Darcy Baldwin

Tracy’s using Off tha Chain by Krystal Hartley and Tracie Stroud

Crystal used Manda’s Your Love is My Drug

Kresta used Irresistable  by Zoe Pearn for her layout

And here is mine using Chasing Rainbows by Zoe Pearn

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Melissa a little bit better and are inspired to create a page for you January Portfolio.

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  • thanks for this challenge! I used a photo I loved but probably wouldn’t have journaled with…but I’m glad I did now, or I wouldn’t have gotten the story down. Thanks for these challenges-they’re definately improving my layouts!

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