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Well, I know during the spring I shared that we were going to use our tax refund to remodel the main floor of our house on a very tight DIYer budget… we had found some kitchen cabinets at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and that was probably the biggest chore for us was piecing them together and tearing down the wall and creating a kitchen island… well, we are getting really close to being done with the remodeling project and I thought I’d give you all a little update.

OK… so these are some pics from when we looked at the house for purchase… it was a short sale and in very bad shape and none of the appliances worked and Mark hated it but I saw it’s potential and fell in love with the house right away…


after 6 months of waiting for bank approval on this short sale, we finally were able to move in and get to work! I had wanted to totally re-do the kitchen because most of the cabinets were broken and it was just a terrible layout, but alas, I had to let go of my dream kitchen in order to do some other major repairs to the house, there just wasn’t any money left over to do any remodeling in the inside other than painting. So we painted the cabinets an espresso brown which I totally loved compared to the nasty dirty looking creme cabinets…

Well, fast forward 3 years, and we are now looking at a dream kitchen, I never thought I would have and actually is even more awesome than my original vision. I never had planned on tearing down the wall and adding even more space. I just thought we’d leave the walls the way they were and just do an “L” shaped kitchen… I’m soooo incredibly happy with how this dream has happened and how it’s come together. I can’t wait for us to finish it!!! Here’s how it looks today…

All day yesterday Mark worked on tiling the kitchen back splash… he’s an up close pic of it… I’m seriously in LOVE!!!

Monday we’ll be grouting it with “mocha” grout and then the next project will be mostly the finishing touches, we’ll be putting a nice finished trim at the top of the cabinets… we’ll be building the support collumn which will have some outlets and the HVAC controller. I’m working on setting up the school room now and LOVE that I have a locking pantry that I can put school supplies in to keep the little one out of them, LOL… then we will be painting the whole house, FINALLY!!!! Lastly, we’ll be installing new hardwood floors and staining them a dark mocha!!! I can’t wait, and hope we’ll be done before winter LOL!!!

Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement about our home renovations, I’m just soooo thrilled and have to share how totally awesome my hubby and father are!!! They did all the work on it and I couldn’t be more proud of them for doing such an amazing job!!!

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  • Love it! Worth the wait! The back splash is the in thing my DD tells me. Gorgeous counter tops . . . and did you say these were from the Restore?? Just heard about it and definitely going to check it out!

  • Oh so pretty! Congratulations!

    How I wish we were handy… 🙂

  • so so pretty, Heather! Totally jealous!

  • WOOHOOO!!! I am seriously so freaking happy for you, sweetie! YAY!!! Here’s to a finished, awesome kitchen soon! 😀

  • oh my gosh Heather…it doesn’t look like the same house at all. Y’all have done amazing things. It’s just awesome!

  • I know Sarah!!! I can’t wait to have you over to see it in person, these pictures don’t do it justice 🙂

  • yes, the cabinets are from the Habitat for Humanity Restore… and was shocked to find they were only 5 years old 🙂

  • It looks terrific, Heather! So happy for you. And thanks a million for swapping out with me. <3

  • What an amazing change! I LOVE the open floor plan and that backsplash is amazing!!

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