Thursday Treats – Let It Snow 1/16

I’ve seen snow a few times in my life, once even in Central Florida, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to step out into the crunchy white stuff every morning to go to work and school. First, it’s got to be FREEZING outside to even exist and we Southerners don’t acclimate to cold very well and ice is way too slippery to have to traipse around on for someone as clumsy as me. So I’ll have to appreciate your amazingly pristine snow covered fields and homes, your adorable kids making snowmen, and your family sledding and skiing photos from afar. {from tank tops in January temperatures far away, to be precise ;)} But really, watching snow falling from the sky is one of the most peaceful feelings on earth.

So I gathered up a few products from The Shoppe to help you scrap a few snow stories this winter:

I hope you’ll share some fun-in-the-snow photos in The Gallery!

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