Thursday Treats – Do You Set Goals 1/7

January is traditionally the time when we set goals for the year ahead. Some things we want to do MORE of and others LESS. Some of the most popular goals each year seem to be: exercise more/lose weight, get organized, save money, pick up a new hobby/skill or hone our craft in a favorite one, spend more time with family {hey… look at that, we all got to do that more in 2020!}, read more and travel more {I think we’re going to have to table this discussion for later in the year 😉 }

If you’ve set a few goals for yourself in 2021, remember they are not all or nothing! Any progress in the right direction is a win. Baby steps will often get you farther than occasional leaps. If nothing else fails, focus on just one of the goals and be amazing at it. And if outside sources motivate you, share or post your goals for the accountability aspect of it.

If you’re ready to scrap about a potential goal for the new year, I selected a few products from The Shoppe that might help you:

Tell me… have YOU set a goal for 2021?

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