In the Works Wednesday – 3/30

Happy Wednesday everyone I’m back on the blog with some sneak peeks. Getting some first hand previews of what the amazing designers are working on is definitely a favorite for everyone. Or maybe that’s just me? 😉

Before we jump into the sneak peeks I’ve pulled from the back,  how is everyone feeling this week? How is the weather in your neck of the woods? We had some pretty nice days early on in March but then of course old man winter had to wake up from his nap and give us another blast of his cold demeanor. At least we’re headed into April and there’s hope that he will finally lay down and hibernate until it’s his turn again. I love spring. It’s so full of hope and cheer and the beauty of newness. Things start to bloom and the sun starts shining more. It just makes me happy!

There’s one more day of March which means one more day to get your This or That layouts done and your tracker updated. Speaking of the tracker, have you seen the super quick tutorial I wrote on using imgur to host and post your trackers in the forum threads? Hopefully it will give you a few tips. With that, let’s check out what’s in the works this week and then take a peek at what the Babes have done. We’ve got a slew of goodies whether you’re into saving the planet or going glamping or just taking it easy, I’m sure there’s something for everyone this week!


And look at what the Babes have created:










And that will do it for today’s sneak peeks. See ya in April….lol (so like next week) 😉



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  • Kiana, you’re going to kill my paypal account, this is not possible anymore!:D
    Thank you for the sneek peak now I want it all!:p

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