Summer is Here – Scoops & Dips Style 6/9

Happy June everyone, it seems like I haven’t been on the blog for a while but it’s really only been about a week or so. I’m excited about today’s post, well I’m excited about every post lol, but today I get to go free-style. I had ‘TBD’ written in for today’s post and finally Sunday I decided what it should be about lol. SUMMER!!!

‘Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about.John Mayer

And not only summer, but I wanted to dig in the “digital” crates a bit to pull out some gorgeous summery-themed Scoops & Dips. I really like when the designers team up and I don’t think we give the two scoops/triple dips area of the Shoppe enough love so today I will. 🙂 From backyards to BBQs and road trips to taking a dip we’ll check out what the designers do when they’re inspired to collaborate!

Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.Jenny Han

Perhaps summer is best spent in the water. If the beach/pool life are what your summer looks like check out these adorable scoops & dips featuring sun, surf, sand & water:


Maybe summer means travel time for your family. If you plan on island hopping, road tripping, or even doing the stay-cation thing in your own backyard then these scoops & dips are perfect:


Camping and glamping under the stars? Or work keeping you home this summer and BBQ’ing with friends & family your thing? Then these scoops & dips are sure to help:


Whatever the summer looks like, if you’re like me, then you always wish you could play the days on repeat and live that summer soundtrack over & over so that the memories never fade away. Up last are some scoops & dips that sum up everyone’s feelings on summer:

Summer should get a speeding ticket.Unknown

Just like this post summer goes too fast. Make the most of the moments you get because the story of summer always ends too soon. I’m sure these scoops & dips will allow you to document the best summer ever! See ya next time.

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