Sweet Tips: Speed up Your Scrapping Routine

Happy September everyone. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been on the blog. As summer winds down I hope that you all enjoyed the moments and made lots of memories. I’m here with a few tips for speeding up your scrapping routine.

“Hold the vision. Trust the process.” – Unknown

I was once dubbed the “Speedy Gonzalez” of scrapping. I don’t think I’m an unusually fast scrapper rather more efficient and able to make quick decisions. It’s not always about speed, I enjoy a good scrap therapy session too and can mull over a page I’m working on for a few hours. Typically though, my pages take no more than 1 hour and if I’m trying to fit in lots of creative team pages in a day, especially during those big sale events, I can whittle that time down to less than 30 minutes.

So here are few of my most tried and true tips that allow me to save time.

  • Work from one kit/collection: I can’t express it enough, the designers here are amazing!! The collections & kits are full of so much goodness that I hardly ever have to go stash diving. If you can work a page from one kit/collection then you save time searching for things.
  • Don’t second guess: I’m a “grab and go” type when it comes to clustering & page building. If there’s a flower I want to use I’m going to fit it in somewhere and don’t worry about if it’s “right” for my page. Or if I choose an element/paper that doesn’t look right immediately then I scrap it and move on quickly. I don’t go back and change things over and over. I trust my eye and my process.
  • Know your tools: I’ll preach this one to the choir. You have to know your tools if you want to be efficient and fast. I’m a big fan of hotkeys and shortcuts. They really can speed up your process if you know and use them all the time.
  • Don’t compare: This one is simple. Your pages are yours and that should show. It’s fun to see all the different styles in the gallery. If you know your style stick to it and that in and of itself is a time saver because you won’t have to go back and redo those pages later.
  • Have a plan & stick to it: If your plan is to scrap about a certain event or moment, choose your photos early. Or work from a simple sketch and try not to deviate much. Hold the vision you have for the page. When we decide things last minute or on the fly we tend to take longer completing things.
  • Keep it simple:  Simple pages you create everyday are going to be quicker to create. Don’t try out the most intricate or challenging effects or styles if you’re on a time crunch. Save the learning for when you have the time to sit and work on that extraction, blending or new technique.

And those are a few of my tips to save me time when I’m looking to speed up my scrapping routine. I hope they can help you. Let me know in the comments if you used these, or if you have your own time savers. We’d love to hear about them. See ya next time.



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  • These are fantastic! I need to work on the “don’t second guess” suggestion! I didn’t even realize I did some of these (way too often) until you brought them to my attention!

  • Yup we all do it, I definitely can “second guess” with the best of them too!! lol. Thanks for reading!

  • Great reminders! I really lean on the shortcuts in my program. The part that sucks up my time is deciding on photos. I need to work on ‘trusting my gut’ more on those decisions!

  • Kiana, another Sweet tips I love!
    I laugh reading you because I also definitely a “second guess” or starting not too sure what I’m going to do!:D
    I realize my fave layouts are layouts I had a precise idea of ​​what I wanted to do and it was the faster to do.
    I try your idea of going with one kit and no changing choices but I admit I went faster but actually not totally happy with the result! Lol!
    I will try again but your tips are always great!:) Thank you so much!!!

  • I would add one more….just do it, and do it often. Practice makes perfect, and those hot keys, for example, do not get memorized unless you use them all the time.

    I also want to encourage anybody reading this – ultimately it doesn’t matter if you use the peach flower or the blue one. Your family will look back on those pages and see them for what they are…a time capsule of nostalgic memories their mom or dad made for them. And guess what? The TEXT I wrote is the part my (grown up) kids love the best.

  • I agree, they won’t care what flowers you use, they will love the memories.

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