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Hello all!  How has your October been so far?  Lots of visits to the pumpkin patches or the apple orchards?  Probably not for everyone, I know growing up in Florida, that is not something we ever did, but here in Michigan, we have plenty of both!  You know what we also have a lot of, amazing designers and it’s my pleasure to introduce our next Featured Designer, Wendy of Wendy P Designs.

Keeping with the festive spirit in mind of our big birthday, our designers decided that a year long celebration of everything that makes our lives special would be the perfect way to keep the party going, “Celebrate YOU!” is the theme that will be inspiring our Featured Designer freebies this year! From your job, to your school, to your favorite holidays and more, we’re celebrating all of life’s memorable moments this year, and Wendy’s contribution to this year’s series perfect for celebrating!  Your Fall Birthday is perfect for everyone celebrating birthdays this time of the year!  Add $10 worth of goodies to your cart and this beauty will be added for FREE!

I just adore this! My youngest has a fall birthday, he just turned 10!  You could even use this beautiful kit for any other fall celebration!  I love all the colors Wendy used.  Wendy also created a ton of add ons if you’re looking for some extras for your kit!

As you know, we always send out designers a list of interview questions so we can get to know them better, let’s see what Wendy had to say.

What is your favorite thing to “celebrate”? Is it your birthday? Christmas? Something else?
We as a whole family love to celebrate Christmas the most. In the past we had 2 holidays in December Saint Nicholas and Christmas, but now Rosalie has the age that she doesn’t believe in Saint Nic anymore we decided to focus the whole month to Christmas. I try to include activities a few times each week during December like crafts, baking or anything else.
How did you discover digital scrapbooking? Were you a scrapper first, or did you jump right into designing?
Back in 2007 when Lorena was born I started paper scrapbooking. It was not that easy to find stuff because scrapbooking isn’t that popular in the Netherlands and there were only specific stores savings items to scrapbook with. In 2008 I discovered digital scrapbooking when I saw pretty signatures in forums I was in and I wanted that too, and I loved it so much. First my style was more fantasy and creating scenes, but later it became more and more life documenting. I really love create books for my kids and I still do. Even though my scrap time is less than in the past I still love to scrap in free weekends. But I guess you can see that in my gallery.
What other hobbies do you have?
One of my other hobbies is working/making crafts with my cricut. I don’t do it weekly but I love to make gifts for others with it. So did I make a gift set for my brother and SIL for their wedding, for fathers day and I made fun things for the girls. Below you can see some of them.
Next to that I also love to cook and bake. I always bake all birthday cakes myself and than not one but most of the time 2 or 3 pieces lol. My kids have the love for baking too. My oldest even asked me to make some halloween cookies in the upcoming days, so that brought me the idea of maybe making a Halloween baking collection in the same way I did with “Christmas Baking”
What is your camera of choice? Can we see some of your favorite shots?
My camera choice is my phone. Even though I did use my canon a lot in the past I don’t use it that often anymore. Now phone cameras get better and better I prefer that one more to have with me all the time. Here are a few of my faves from the past 2-3 months. The family shots were on vacation on my hubby’s birthday. The badminton one was on vacation too, I loved the butterfly bush in front of our cabin where I photographed through. The on wit Rosalie on the bike is from our neighborhood a typical dutch view, cows, blue sky with clouds. And the other 2 because it gets more and more rare that these 2 let them photograph like this..
Share a photo or video of your workspace at home!
My work space is in the corner of our living room. I created my own little corner here with my plants and of course a gnome here and there couldn’t stay behind.

I store all my stash at the attic where is our craft corner, I didn’t made a picture of that because that is a huge pile of mess right now and no window.

The team has been working hard behind the scenes!  Time to see what they’ve created.

Your Fall Birthday will be automatically added to your cart for FREE when your subtotal reaches $10 or more! This special offer will only be available through Friday, November 4th when our new releases go live, so don’t delay! And don’t forget to come back next Friday for a sneak peek at Wendy’s Feature Designer 15 sale. It will start Tuesday, November 1st . Have a great weekend!

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