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Happy Friday Sweet Shoppers!  I hope you had a great week.  Are you ready for all the fun and festivities that International Scrapbooking Day (iNSD) brings?  The team of designers has been working so hard to bring you a slew of great new products, and the Babes have been hard at work to bring a bunch of fun games and challenges to have a lot of fun this weekend.

Along with all things iNSD, we also have a new Featured Designer – Rubia Padilha of Studio Basic Designs.  Rubia’s store is full of fantastic artsy kits and template, mixed media, gorgeous textures on all her elements and papers.  What I love about her products is how real and lifelike they are, it looks like you can reach out and touch them.  All of the artsy touches make my heart swoon, and the kit she’s created for our Adventure X series is no different.  A Lonely Adventure is such a great theme, and the dark feel to both the theme and elements, with the pop of colour make this a perfect kit for so many different types of photos.  From scrapping about how you feel to showcasing your photos in a gorgeous B&W scheme – this kit is so versatile!  And best of all, it’s FREE with your $10 purchase, from now until the new releases go live on May 17th.

And now to learn more about Rubia and her adventures in life!

Tell us about your journey with digital scrapbooking… How did you find out about it? Did you start with paper first? How did you get started designing? Where was your first shop? How and when did you end up at Sweet Shoppe Designs?

Scrapbooking was not a big thing here, in Brazil, when I first started it.  I have an old friend and she is the one who showed it to me.

We were talking one day and she told me about it and added “We could maybe even make money working with it! From home!” and we started downloading some freebies here and there and she just stopped doing – it was not her thing. I am still here.

I was CTing (is that a word? lol) for some of the best girls in every store and used to be part of a Brazilian community, DigiScrapperBrasil and one day Loreta, my friend back then, told me to make a template and with templates I started this journey with another great friend who also stopped doing it and I am still here. LOL

I remember the day when I told my CT I was applying to SSD and I still have Robin’s email asking for more previews and telling me I was in.

Where do you see your designs going in the future? Is your focus changing in any way?

I think this is not the answer everyone is looking for, but I felt in my heart I need to answer it anyway.

After the last 5 months, I really hope I will be still designing in the future.

I just spent the last months trying to understand my mind, my life after all the big change I had in 2022, when I lost my husband.

I was lost in myself, let’s just say like this.

So, yes, my focus changed and it is always changing, even though I didn’t want to admit it for so long. I thought it was just a phase. The end of the year. Starting another year. Life…

But no, it was me dealing with life and having to take a step back to remember how to even breathe.

I am slowly – much more slower than I would like – getting back on track. And I hope I will get back to the old me working every week and being able to “devour” Pinterest and wanting to do all.the.things because I miss it.

Where do you find inspiration for a new kit or template?

Pinterest, music, life, everything.  My eyes are usually seeing details of things in life and my brain starts thinking all the “what ifs” about using x, y or z in a paper or colors.

Show us a recent mood or inspiration board… or two.

This is what I used on my most recent collab with Val. I was instantly inspired by the title for a name and also all the fun colors!

Show us a preview for one of your first kits, compared to a recent kit you’re proud of. We want to see how far you’ve come!

OMG, I should be embarrassed doing this, but, somehow, I am not. LOL
This is an old one. I remember looooooving it! I was even featured in a Brazilian magazine back then. I brought it to SSD when I first started. I still have 35 emails from all the orders I got from it. LOL
On the other hand, I have this “new” kit called “A Whole Lotta Love”, with a similar idea/theme and, let’s be honest, it is soooo much better! LOL

Are there any adventures you’d like to go on in the future?

Absolutely! I want to get back to Europe. I made this trip 10 years ago and I really feel like I need to get back there, even for my “healing” process.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done recently?

Started taking care of plants. OMG. SOOO much work involved. LOL

If you had an hour to yourself, but were not allowed to use it to scrapbook or design, what would you spend the hour doing?

Shopping or looking for plants. LOL
Or some “me quiet time” with my pets. Yes, I now have 4 cats + a dog.
Ozzy, the dog.
Alice, Amelia and Amora, the orange cats.
Wakanda, the last addition to our family.

If there was a meme about you or your designs, what would it look like?

Me being honest again. LOL But Val just shared it with me and it is SOOO me! LOL


Before you go, check out these great inspiration pages from the SugarBabes using A Lonely Adventure.

Aren’t those fabulous???  That’s it for today – check in next Friday to see which 15 products Ru has picked for her Featured Designer 15 sale that will go live on May 14th.  Until then, keep on scrapping!

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