Long Term Projects: Out of Order

Happy May Everyone! I’m back on the blog this Mother’s Day with some inspiration to keep your mojo going for those long term projects you’re working on. First, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there I hope that you are getting to relax a bit. This month I want to talk a bit about “order” and sequence. I think we often get into places where we think we need to be working chronologically and to move forward on the next album or even the next page, we must first finish where we are. I don’t tend to follow this rule….in life or in scrapbooking my pages.

“One thing I can tell you for sure is this: we only regret what we don’t do in life.” — Kristin Hannah

So, today I’ve pulled together some very recent project pages that the amazing Sugarbabes have posted to the gallery to show you that you can indeed scrap in whatever order you totally want to. You’ll see that the Babes are digging in their photo stashes for everything from recent events to photos from over ten years ago and creating pages for those albums congruently right now today! I believe this is a great way to help break up monotony of working on the same album and keep mojo going, but also allows a bit of creative fluidity so that you aren’t stuck thinking in the same lane of what kits and photos to pull together for your albums and pages.

Allyson documents her recent week with a “happy days” view of her garden.



Sherly reflects on baby’s “love” with a Week 21 review of old from 2021.



Kim E. gives us a glimpse of some “YUM” with a vacation trip to Italy.



And Kjersti takes us back to “Easter 2020” with some sweet photos of the day.



So, maybe here you’re thinking “ok but these are all different Babes it’s easy to show different dates they’ve scrapped recently” well I’ll raise the stakes then…..our resident pocket scrapping aficienado Babe Krista is amazing at her long term projects and I was able to find these all during the month of April.

Krista embodies “out of order” in April like a true pro by giving us some candid “cherished” shots from March 2008 then traveling through “time” for a page from September 2015. Next we are in “full bloom” on a page from April 2016 and lastly she brings us right into 2024 with “family Easter” to end her month of pages in the gallery. Krista definitely didn’t follow any rules here for scrapping chronologically and she’s got pages done for 4 yearly albums. Here they are for you to see:


Thanks for stoping by. I hope this article inspires you to scrap your long term projects “out of order”, until next time, Happy Scrapping. xo Kiana

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