Sweet Talk Babe Edition with: Vanessa

Hey everyone, Sweet Talk is back for 2024 with a slightly new format but the same awesome goal. Getting to know YOU, our amazing community members. Once a month we will indulge in some “sweet talk” and have some fun getting to know you all a little bit better. This month is a fun twist where we get to know one of our amazing Sugarbabes.

“Getting to know a diverse group of people leads to a better understanding of yourself.” — Alexander Den Heijer

Without further ado let’s dive into this month’s Sweet Talk interview with our amazing Sugarbabe: Vanessa

Welcome to Sweet Talk, give us a short introduction of yourself/family and how you found digital scrapbooking.

Vanessa (nesser1981), I’m 42, live in Michigan, married to DH (Sean) for almost 20 years, we met way back in 2000 when we were both stationed in Japan. We have three kids, Keira is 18, and two boys, Cooper is almost 16 and Harper is 11. I’m originally from a tiny town on the gulf coast of Florida, Horseshoe Beach. In the summer of 2006, when Keira was just starting daycare, they wanted photos to display in class, I’d been playing around for the last year with signatures in a mom forum, and I decided to try some of the Shabby Princess freebies to create a page to display, I had an 8×10 printed at Walmart and I was hooked. Nearly 18 years later and I’m still just as in love as I was back then. I came to SSD when the store first opened and joined the forums as soon as they were opened to the public.

Answer a few fun questions for us.

  1. Give us [3] must haves for the layouts you create? A template or sketch at the very least, flowers, photos.
  2. What is your scrapping style? Clean and classic
  3. What is your favorite thing to snack on when scrapping? Nothing
  4. How do you create so many pages during big events? I just look for the kits that I’m dying to use and then hope I have some photos that will work.
  5. As a Babe, do you still have challenges or struggles with scrapping? Yes, absolutely, especially because I came on as a social media babe and my role has changed over the years, but I’m not as strong of a scrapper as all the other babes. I’ve been trying to revitalize the way I document events that happen every year, so I keep the burn out away.
  6. What hobbies do you have besides scrapbooking? I crochet and we are big into hobby board games, if I have free time and I’m not scrapping, we’re playing a game.
  7. What techniques, trends, or products are inspiring you right now? Goodness, this one is hard, because I’m not great about following trends, but I love unique alphas, or different ideas for titles. I also love the pocket layouts and have been using them more and more lately.


And of course, we love some Babe inspiration so please share with us your favorite layouts featuring the below & tell us why you chose them:

  • a cool technique
    Well, friends I struggled with this, if you’ve ever seen my gallery, you’ll notice I don’t do a lot of cool techniques. I’m not one to try a lot, photoshop I can do the things I like to do, I use a lot of actions I made years ago for shadows, etc. Sometimes I’ll try new things, its rare, but something I use often that I think is cool is using the color overlay on patterned papers so that I can journal on those, but still have a little texture. And in fact, I often use the overlays that Julie Billingsley created years ago when she was a designer here, once in a while I’ll just use a paint brush and create my own space, but hers look nicer.
  • your favorite element(s)
    Flowers, always flowers, and greenery, plus I felt like this kit just really worked well with these photos. I have a degree in photography that I rarely use these days, but when I do, I love to scrap the photos with kits that complement the feelings and moments I’ve been trying to capture.
  • your choice
    I love all of Flergs’ Disney inspired kits, so whenever I can use them, I’m a happy girl, but this was just an amazing trip! We love Disney, but only go every few years, this page reminds me of what a long, special day it was.

Before you go, share with us a favorite tip you’ve learned over the years: Scrap for you, not for creative teams. Because at the end of the day, you and your family are the ones that will love and really appreciate your layouts, no one else. I had years where I was on 10 – 12 teams, wanted a babe spot so bad I couldn’t stand it, then Keira got cancer (she’s fine now), I gave up all my teams, and eventually decided to let all that FOMO go, everything fell into place and I have years of memories documented.

Thank you Vanessa for sharing with us. Until next time, happy scrapping. xo Kiana


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  • So sweet to know more about you Vanessa! I’m touched by your last words, it resonate for me right now.:wub:
    And also the fact you don’t especially play with new features.:D
    Julie Billingsley…My! It looks forever now! We’re old!:p

  • Isn’t fun to learn more about everyone here!!!!!

  • Kiana you know how I love those articles!:wub:

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