Baker’s Dozen: June Photo Challenge

June is here! Whether that means the start of summer to you in the northern hemisphere or the beginning of winter in the southern half of our planet, there’s lots of life to live and things to celebrate during the next 30 days.

A new month means new goals & new challenges, and that includes our Baker’s Dozen photography challenge here at the Sweet Shoppe. Here are thirteen new prompts to inspire your photography in the coming month:

June’s Photo Prompts:

A Little Inspiration…

Here’s a few ideas from my camera to help you get started.

Currently Loving

I’m currently in love with the $15 milk frother I picked up on Amazon – or, more specifically, I’m in love with the lattes I’m able to whip up at home.


With Father’s Day falling in the 3rd weekend of June, it’s the perfect time to capture an image of a dad in your life. This is one of my favorite shots of my stepson!


June is Pride Month, so we included the prompt “proud”. How will you interpret this one? If you have an LGBTQIA+ person in your life, you could photograph them … or a Pride parade or event you attend … or, as I did, simply photograph someone you are proud of. In this case, it’s my niece at her senior piano recital, which she totally rocked!


DIY stands for “do it yourself”. Whether it’s a home renovation or decoration, a crafting project, or something you did yourself rather than hiring a professional, take a photo! This is the most recent set of dresses I made for my granddaughters.


There’s lots of ways you can interpret this prompt… photograph an item made of wood, a wooden house or cabin, or do as I did and use wood as the backdrop for your photograph. To create this portrait of my stepdaughter, I used an old, gnarled tree as both background and posing prop, and it added some great texture to the image.


This image would have worked for the prompt “wooden”, but it works even better for “symmetry”. Look at the world around you for opportunities to frame a shot that is symmetrical either left and right or up and down. (This is a great prompt for photographing architecture!)

Turquoise or Teal

The month of June is filled with bright, saturated color; keep an eye out for a bright turquoise or deeper teal color and capture it with your camera. My sweet niece loved these turquoise fairy wings and matching tutu for a summer afternoon dress-up session.


The biggest challenge I have when trying to photograph someone laughing is having my camera handy! I find the most success when I’m quietly watching the world through my camera – oftentimes with a zoom lens – and my subjects forget I’m there. Pictures of real, spontaneous laughter – like this full-bellied head-thrown-back chortle from my grandson – are pure magic!


I’m definitely more “night owl” than “early bird”, but it’s worth it once in a while to get up in time to witness – and capture – the sunrise. This is especially true if you’re traveling. I try to photograph the sunrise early on in a vacation and once I have it captured, I know I can sleep in the rest of the trip.

Join us (you could win a free kit!)

I hope you’ll play along with this month’s Baker’s Dozen of photo challenges. Remember, it’s all about being more purposeful about our photography and capturing more images in 2024. As always, I encourage you to share them where you feel comfortable doing so. If you post them on social media, use the hashtag #ssdphotochallenge – and when you scrapbook them, be sure to share your completed layout with us in the Gallery.

We’ve also set up a thread in the SSD Challenges forum for everyone to share their images – and as a bonus, for each photo you post, your name will go in a drawing and one person will win their choice of a kit or template trio or quad from the Shoppe! Congratulations to leablahblah, aka Lea, our winner for the month of May. Who will be next to win their choice of goodie from the Shoppe? It could be you when you join us in the forum in this thread for June and start sharing your Baker’s Dozen images now.

I’ll see you there!

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