Blossoming Buds: Common Ways to Document the Guys

Hey everyone hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to stop by and share some inspiration on some common themes for documenting the guys in your lives, whether big or small. I’m personally a huge fan of flowers and foliage adorning all of my pages, even those featuring my son and husband. But, I know there are some of us that haven’t embraced that yet. #teachyouIwill lol

There are of course many ways to document guy themed pages. I’m only going to cover some of them here today to give you ideas and inspire you to try them in your daily memory keeping routines. So, let’s jump right in and have a look at shall we?

  • First up, lots of pages take the “no frills” approach when tackling guys pages. That’s to say, I think as scrappers we often aren’t sure how to incorporate things that might be seen as more feminine on masculine pages. Things like flowers and foliage might be omitted just like the pages I found here. Instead, opting for a more minimalist look and using shapes & word bits.
  • Then there are those pages that make use of themed elements and word bits to add context. There may be a few flowers sparingly, but overall, these pages tell the guys stories with lots of words, game controllers, staches, lizards, and other types of “boy toys”. They are visually appealing like these I found.
  • Guys and wood backgrounds go together like girls and pink I guess, because there were tons of pages with wood backgrounds. I can’t deny the fact that a great wood background with some cool alphas, a little paint and flowers, and a few layers make for a perfect page. These layouts prove my point!
  • Speaking of backgrounds, grunge is all the rage when it comes to guys. Whether adding a little or a lot, grunge always takes a page from normal to ahhhmazing. Masculine pages seem to go from 0 to 100 after adding a grungy background to them. These pages certainly have that extra touch of pizazz!
  • Now, featuring our title pages, blossoming buds. Of course, many of our Babes create stellar pages of their sons and husbands and they do not shy away from the flowers and foliage. If you are ever looking for inspiration on how to incorporate adding some frill to your masculine pages then the Sugarbabe Gallery should be your first stop.
  • Just for some added inspiration before you go, the coup de grâce, our resident cluster-Queen. Sugarbabe Sheri has a house full of boys and her pages are some of the most stunning in our gallery. She has embraced flowers and foliage in full glory. Filling her masculine pages with a beauty for all to behold. We should all be as bold.

Thanks for reading, until next time. Happy Scrapping. xo Kiana

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