Long Term Projects: Are you Batching Yet?

Have you heard of batching? If not, how will you ever catch up on all your projects and albums if you aren’t batching? Don’t worry, you can take the scenic route and savor every layout detail for detail if you have tons of time and don’t mind spending it in the creative haze of digital beauty. And some days that’s what we all just need right?

But, most of us don’t have that kind of time just laying around. We’ve got jobs, families, errands, workouts, hobbies, dinners, and yes, sleep. We need sleep too.

It’s a pretty simple process that our resident Sugarbabe Krista uses to get the majority of her PL pages done so fast. She works on multiple albums throughout the year that allows her to do lots of pages each week for a variety of different years and albums using this ‘batching’ method.

I will say this requires some upfront organization and habit forming to get it going but from there it should be smooth sailing. Things like emailing yourself recaps of your journaling and having your photos organized or having product template choices made.


  • use the same template (or set or templates) for each month/week/day (however your project timeline is set) **this helps a lot
  • journal your moments into the templates and save as the dated project
  • come back and add all the photos to the templates and save again
  • with journaling and photos added you can now complete the pages with digital papers & embellishments using kits/collections, the key here is to use [one] kit/collection per page or double page, so there are no time losses from searching your stash
  • completed pages immediately get uploaded to your preferred printer, like Shutterfly, and don’t forget somewhere to archive (cloud storage, EHD) and save forever in-case you need to print them again
  • rinse & repeat for the next project

Here are few template sets that would be perfect for batching to get you started.

I hope that this article helps you on your long term projects. I’ve been inspired the more I dig into these articles and have been thinking I might try one of these for 2025. We shall see. Until next time, happy scrapping xo Kiana.

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