Thursday Treats – Father’s Day 6/15

Daddy… A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love. This Sunday is the day we celebrate one of the most precious relationships in our lives, a parent’s love. I hope you have the opportunity to spend it with a special someone (or two) in your life.

And just in case you happen to take a few photos… {ahem}, I picked out a few products in The Shoppe that you might use to scrap them:

1ayi-cvisions_hesthebest_bundlepreview700 2ttt_jj_no1dad_kit_preview 3flergs-sbasic-partnersincrime01 4lpritchett-ineedahero-preview 5ezane_oneoftheboys-01 6bgsb_heisallthat_bundle 7bmagee-myfamilytree-previewW 8treed-dadjokes-bundle-preview 9sclingerman-fullhearts-preview 10sbasic_lbw_theverybestdad01

11dsi_sbasic_onlyhim_bundle 12ezane_thatguy 13bg_ilovethisguy 14cschneider-layeredcards-06jun-preview 15bmageesbasic-bearhugs01 16khartley_goodgenes_preview 17OAWA-NumberOneDadKit 18DSI_BigMister 19ayi-sbasic_parenthood-thegoodside01

You know, you could use one of these to whip up a handmade hybrid Father’s Day card that he would love!!

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