Miscellaneous Monday – Do You Need a Mental/Emotional Boost?

Happy Monday everyone! You guys . . . things are crazy right now! Coronavirus and COVID-19 are pretty much the only thing anyone is talking about these days, and I know ALL of our lives are being impacted by this situation in one way or another. I am blessed to have friends all over the world that I met through scrapbooking, and this morning I was thinking about all of YOU. Some of you live in parts of the world that have been hit particularly hard by this pandemic. I hope you and your families are all doing well and staying healthy. I wish there was a way I could ease the burdens of my friends who are really struggling right now. Life is hard on the most mundane of days, but when you add something like this on top of it . . . well, I can only imagine the stress that some of you are feeling.

I think in times like this, it is so important to be patient and kind to those around us. We never know what burdens they are carrying in their everyday lives and how this additional stress is affecting them. And, I know that our scrapping community is full of wonderful people. So, I thought I’d share a few layouts that feature Kindness and Friendship. If you need a little mental/emotional boost right now, check out these beautiful layouts!

Reading all the stories in these layouts really lifted my spirits this morning! I’m grateful for our community full of kind, compassionate people! Keep it going. If you know someone who could use a helping hand or a kind word, don’t hesitate. Right now, in this crazy world, kindness matters more than ever!

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