Document the Dads: 4 Common Ways

Happy Monday everyone. Yesterday was Father’s Day and I wanted to hop over here to the blog and share some inspiration I found in the gallery that may give you some ideas on how to document the day. A couple of weeks ago I went diving through the gallery here for pages all about the dads in our lives. I browsed tons of pages and even went back as far as 2010 in the gallery. There were a lot of pages about dads, new dads, etc….but I wanted to see if there were any common themes.

I found four common themes that jumped out at me when scrapping pages about dads and wanted to share them here in hopes that they will give you ideas on how to document the dads in your lives. So without further hub-bub from me let’s have a look:

I found tons of pages with stories and photos all about what happened on Father’s Day. From kids making a mess in the kitchen cooking dad his favorite breakfast, or giving him lots of love & presents and even spending time with the original dads (grandpas lol). The theme here is to document the special things that happened on Father’s Day.







Another common theme with tons of pages I found was with those random everyday moments. Stories about being just like dad, and helping dad with chores, and even those special candid impromptu moments that happen while we’re out shopping with dad. Telling the special everyday moments is a great way to document Father’s Day. This would be good if children are adults now or we forget to get out the camera on Father’s Day because we’re having so much fun with dad. (I can’t be the only one? lol)








There were also lots of pages with the OGs of dads, lol, the original dads. Pages with us (the memory keeper) and our dad, many with photos of our husbands & sons with their dads, and even multiple generations of dads. Whether you’ve got a story to tell along with the photos or just want keepsakes, those special moments will be cherished in your albums. 







I think the most common theme I found were pages on pages of sweet candid moments with dads. There were tons and I had so much fun looking through them all that I almost forgot to choose some to share. I found sweet moments with new dads, dads with daughters, and dads with their sons. Lots of special tributes to dad with only photos, because sometimes the photos are the main story.






These pages got me thinking about my own gallery and if I had similar themes for pages about my own dad or my husband. I definitely have pages with everyday moments or sweet moments and also pages with the OG dad in my life, my own dad. I will have to get on top of adding more of the random stories to my pages for my children and husband. I’ve got a ton, and I thought I’d documented some of them. Oh well, that just means more scrapping for me …lol. Here’s a few pages I found from my own gallery:



They say photos are worth a thousand words but there was only one word that came to my mind: LOVE

All of the pages I browsed about dads, all of the different ways we document the dads in our lives, all of them were full of love. At the end of the day it’s as simple as that. I hope that these pages inspired you or gave you some ideas on how to document the dads in your life. If you’ve got a few minutes today or this week, stop by the gallery and leave these awesome dad pages a little love. See ya next time.


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  • I was hoping to see a blog post about Dads. And…here it is! lol Love it! Look at all those lovely layouts about the men. Rich and Nathan were cutting the grass 2 days ago and I always think of them when Nathan was a toddler following Rich around with his toy mower. It was a surprise seeing that “Play Mow” layout in your post. Thanks for the smile!

  • Ha! I read your mind….I really love that layout and that great photo op!!!!

  • Great post! I loved looking at the different themes and pages!

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