Sweet Talk with: Scrap-therapy 7/5

Hey everyone I’m excited to bring you one of our blog feature, Sweet Talk, which sheds some light on YOU. Our amazing community members. Once a month we will indulge in some “sweet talk” and have some fun getting to know you all a little bit better.

“When someone tells you a piece of their life, they’re giving you a gift.” – Patrick Rothfuss

We’ll start off with an ice breaker and show off some gorgeous pages then we’ll end the interview with a lightning round of 15 questions to learn some fun, interesting and cool things about a different member of the sweetest spot in town!

This month I’m excited to introduce: Emily (Scrap-therapy in the forum)

Tell us a bit about yourself. How you came to find digital scrapbooking? Day job, where you live, pets, kids? Give us the tea!!

She says: “Hey, Emily here’s! I’m a SAHM of twins aged 10 years old, a boy and a girl. I live in France. I used to live in Paris for about 32 years old but now we live in the Loire Valley between Orleans and Blois, about 150 kilometers from Paris. Not far the beautiful Loire Castles. My parents called me Emily because my dad lives for 5 years in the US, in Texas to do his studies in the University and get graduated there. I’m so jealous! So they found I should have an American name. I like it so that’s ok!  I used to be a pediatric nurse and working in a maternity unit but I am at home with my kids since their birth as they were premature babies and had some difficulties after that.”

I started paper scrapping a long time ago, maybe in 2000 or a little before because I discovered it in an American magazine and immediately fell in love with it. In France it was not very trendy at this time and it was difficult to find some specific stuff. When it starts to become more common, the papers, the materials and all were very expensive and you and you had to go to specialized shops. I remember I had stuff all over my bedroom! Lol! Then in about 2008 I discover a software for digital scrapbooking and it was the revelation! I still use it (It has evolved a bit, of course, but not as much as I would have liked). I immediately found that it was easier for me to scrap. There were more possibilities. You could make a mistake, erase and start over.  I discovered that there were plenty of pretty digital kits and pretty specialty shops. Sweet Shoppe was immediately my favorite! I took breaks but I always came back to scrapbooking and when I had my children, I wanted to learn even more and improve my layouts.”


I love our members and I love looking through the different galleries. Emily’s gallery was full of cluster-filled loving pages of mostly her children like this one:

She makes everyday simple moments like drinking lemonade look like a blast! I love the fun clusters she creates and looking through her gallery is always a sweet treat! 


I asked Emily about her favorite pages from her own gallery and she was happy to share these with us:

“I love doing this one because I love notebooks and feel so inspired by all the beautiful naturals elements. I love add a lot of elements in my layout, maybe it’s a little crowded but I think it’s the way I feel right!


“This one was for the summer challenge, I used to scrap with a lot of extraction when I started digi scrap and creating sceneries so this one reminds me my very first layouts and I had so much fun to did it!


“Totally different but again, you can see I love clusters and having lots of elements in my layout. I really love this one too as the colors and the picture are so quiet.”


Of course Emily has lots more of beautiful pages in her gallery. If you want to see more or leave her a little love in her gallery. I’m sure she would like that.  But this interview isn’t all about her gorgeous creations before we go let’s learn some more about Emily. I gave her a list of questions to choose from and asked her to answer any 15 of her choice.

1.What type of music are you into?
I think I have rather eclectic tastes but currently I would say electro music. There are a lot of DJs that I enjoy listening. I also really like the music of the 90s which reminds me of my teenage years.

2.Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I would say introverted most of the time. I find it difficult to reach out to others if I don’t know them but I love talking to new people, getting to know them. I like the scrap community for this reason. I’m also pretty lonely and staying home alone is fine with me so I’m not a very social butterfly. Lol but I feel ok like this. My best friend comes from the community! I feel closer of her than some people I know in real life!

3.Tell us one of your nicknames?
I have many. Often, it’s Emy that I like, but it can be Em, Mimi, Mily. It does not bother me.

4.What song would be on the soundtrack to your life, and why?
Children by Robert Miles. I find it difficult to explain but the first time I heard this song it resonated very strongly with me. I feel a lot of emotions when I listen to it and there is also a nostalgic side that matches me very much.

5.Do you believe in aliens and unicorns?
I really have a lot of imagination and I can even manage to scare myself by inventing stories!  While remaining rational, I tell myself that Aliens can exist because the universe is far too big for the world we know. Unicorns are my friends! 
I just know it’s possible they existed in prehistoric times so why not?
Dreaming never hurt anyone! 

6.You have one superpower, what is it?
The gift of ubiquity, being everywhere at the same time could be really cool! I could help everyone and do much more things.

7.Everyone loves it, but you just don’t get the appeal…what is it?
I admit that I am not a big fan of social networks. I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. I think it can be interesting to share or give information but a lot of people use it to spy on others or imagine that their life is less interesting because some shows stunning pictures of their life, travel, etc. I don’t like this side.

8.Dead or Alive, who do you want to have one conversation with?
Without hesitation it would be my paternal grandfather, he died when I was 3 months old I did not know him and I would have liked to know him so much. Then I would like to be able to talk to my paternal grandmother who died in my twenties and my maternal grandfather who died two years ago. I would so love to tell them how much I love them.

9.What’s your favorite season?
Until recently I would have answered summer but since the last heat waves I will say autumn for these magnificent colors or spring for the reborn nature.

10.Are you cooking at home or picking up to-go?
I’m not a very good cooker so I’d say picking up to go.
And I can taste and discover new food.

11.Is your bed made everyday?
Otherwise I feel bad. It may be more of an OCD but if I couldn’t do it in the morning I am able to do it before going back in bed. I am aware that it is excessive but I do not control too much. And I also do that of my children. :/

12.What is the first thing you’d spend money on if you won the lottery?
I like to dream but in the end it would be quite simple: buy or build a house that I would love for my children and me with a nice decoration and enough space but not too much for the three of us and inviting a few friends.
A lovely garden and air conditioning for the summer.
A normal and comfortable car and then share with my parents and my grandmother for their house’s renovation and any help.
After that a big trip would be great but still simple too, not too big fancy hotel or places!

13.You’re alone for 24 hours, what do you do?
That would be cool! Hmm just scraping all day and as late as I want. Eat quietly and sleep in late.

14.What’s inside of your purse right now?
Pretty normal things: my wallet, my checkbook, a small notebook and a pen, a pocket with documents, masks, a care lipstick, a mini brush with rubber bands for my daughter, lots of lucky charms, paper tissues, wipes and some medications especially for migraines.

15.What’s your favorite pizza topping?
My favorite one is seasoned ground beef, roast chicken, merguez, Barbecue sauce, mozzarella, and crispy onions. It’s a little sweet and spicy in the same time, hmmm love this!



I loved learning more about Emily and her favorite pizza sounds so yummy. I’ve never heard of merguez? but the BBQ sauce and chicken sound delish! Emily thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions and share more about you with us. Hope you all enjoyed learning some more about Emily too. Until next time….see ya!




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  • How fun learning more about Emily. Her layouts are always beautiful and, I agree, that pizza sound yummy.

  • Ohhhh how fun to see the final interview! Thank you so much Kiana!:wub:
    Merguez is a spicy sausage. That goes very well with the other ingredients! Lol!
    Thank you Charlene for your kind words too, I’m really touched!:wub:
    I’m lucky to be a member of such an amazing community!

  • aaaahh Emily je ne me rappelais plus que tu etais partie de Paris et pas loin de Tours en plus. Mes parents sont encore dans notre maison d’enfance a 20 km au Nord de Tours donc pas loin de toi en fait!

    Miam ta pizza preferee me semble bien bonne! J’adore les merguez et ca me manque!

    que prends tu comme medicament contre la migraine? moi pas grand chose marche et il faut encore que je change…

    I love learning about you some more Emily!

  • Hey Lea! Je t’envoie un message prive pour te repondre mais j’adore aller a Tours!:D
    Merci beaucoup pour tes gentils mots.:wub:

  • Such a fun read! I’m all for a day of sleeping in, scrapping and eating pizza!

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