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Hey hey everyone. It seems like forever since I’ve been on the blog probably because I try to work ahead and this I’m actually running behind schedule. lol

I’m here with a misc. Monday post to show off something many of us probably haven’t seen in quite some time. The Quick Page. I can remember when quick pages seemed to be all the rage and everyone was raving about them and using them.

What is a quick page? For those that haven’t been acquainted with them or maybe you forgot about them, quick pages are pre-made digital scrapbook pages. All of the work, the pretty elements, page design & composition are done for you. Leaving just the photo shops left for you to fill. Similar to a template, however, there’s really nothing left for you to do besides photos, unless you want to add extra. They are not usually layered, so you can’t move things around.

I don’t see many designers creating or including these much any more, but I often wonder if quick pages could still be a cool option. Especially with the advent of design apps, like Canva or Adobe Express that don’t offer shadowing. Who knows, I think it would be interesting if designers started including a pack of 2-4 quick pages and marketing them to more app savvy consumers that want the look of digital scrapbooking but don’t want to actually learn or have the desire to buy PSE or Photoshop, etc.

Here’s some cool quick pages I found in the stash of our Shoppe.

These amazing calendar toppers save a ton of time. I actually used some of these years ago to create calendars for all of the grandparents & aunts/uncles, in our family. Saved me a TON of time & energy!

Sometimes the stressors of daily life don’t allow us to be in our most creative headspace or offer us enough time to sit down and do all of the things we’d like. Using quick pages like these could certainly take a bit of the madness away.

Perhaps you want a little bit more “control” over the page. Maybe you want to move some things around. I found these beauties by Grace Lee that are a hybrid of a quick page and a template. The layers are there and editable, but the overall page design is there so you don’t have to do anything unless you wanted to, besides stick your photos in.


So have you ever used quick pages? Would you still use them if they were available? What options do you think would be good if designers started offering them again?? Until next time, stay Sweet and keeping scrapping!


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  • You are so right! These would be perfect for app scrappers or people who don’t have software that lets them add shadows.

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