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When I create custom handwriting fonts for my customers, I like to include their doodles, signature, or special letter symbols that help their writing look more like their own (they may write a “t” two different ways). But, remembering where to find that special character can be frustrating.

Or, you may have a font that you want to check to see if it includes special non-English language characters or symbols.  This is when a Character Map comes in handy!

(This tutorial is written for Windows 7, but Windows XP and Vista are very similar.)

1 . Go to Start

2.  Click All Programs

3.  Click Accessories

4.  Click System Tools

5.  Click  Character Map

6.  Select your desired font from the pull down menu

Here is what a character map in Windows looks like:

At the bottom of the character map, you’ll find the key combinations to get your special characters for symbols or non-English language characters if your font includes them.

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