Text On A Path

Have you ever wanted to work with text paths, but just weren’t sure how? I’ve created a quick and easy  tutorial that will show you some basics.

This tutorial was created for Adobe Photoshop.

The first thing you will need to do is decide what shape you want your text path to follow.

1. Go to your Custom Shapes tool. This can be found on your Toolbar palette or by hitting the “U” key.

2. Once you’ve selected your shape, make sure you have the Paths icon selected (vs. the Shapes Layers option) in the upper left corner and draw the shape on your canvas.

3. Now choose a font and type your text. I always align my text to the left so that the text will start where I initiate my text path.

4. To start your path, click directly on the text path. This will add text to the outside of the path.

Text on the inside of your path

To do this, you will need to transform your path.

1. Select your text layer on your Layers palette.

2. Flip it vertically (or horizontally depending on your preference) by going to Edit>Transform Path

 Shaped Text Tool

1. Enable your text tool

2. Put your cursor inside the path. Notice I’ve justified the text in my paragraph options so that it accentuates the shape of the text box.

Custom Text Path

1. Enable the pen tool from your tool bar or by selecting the “P” key

2. Set anchor points on your canvas

3. Use the guides to adjust between your anchor points to customize your path.

4. Enable your text tool and write on your path.

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