Thursday Treats – The Color Pink 7/13

How important is color to you when you’re scrapbooking? Are you like me in that you’re often actively searching for someTHING of a certain color to put “right there” in that space on your page? I don’t know if it’s a result of my early scrapping design days learning about repetition and balance or if it’s just my scrap style.

Today’s focus is on PINK! The color often associated with femininity, the pale version for little girls, ballet shoes and springtime, the darker version more bold and sassy. The next time you’re looking for a pink button, a solid paper to back a photo or pink flowers to add to an embellishment cluster, maybe one of these products will fit the bill:

1bmagee-alittlegypsy-previewW 2ayi_classyandconfident_kitpreview700 3_ashaw-heybeautifulcollx 4kcroinbarrow-joiedevivre-preview 5flergs-icrafttoo-preview

6OAWA-IWillMeetYouInParis-Kit 7bg-summerinthecity-preview-bundle 8jdstrd-pineappleofmyeye-preview 9sclingerman-freespirit-preview 10redivy_XoXo 11ezane_piecebypiece2

12cvisions-believeinbeautiful-bundle 13bbonneville-happycamper-preview 14riverrose-takeapicture-preview 15mcato-awinkandasmile-preview 16sbasic_lbw_laughoften-bundle

17sfancy-donutworrybehappy-preview 18digilicious_girl_kitprev700 19lpritchett-untamed-preview 20wendyp-poolparty-bu 21mbennett-justpeachy-preview

Tell me, do YOU scrap by color?

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