Amber Shaw Remembrance from the Sugar Babes – 6/3

It’s the first Sunday of the month today, and that usually means that we reveal the month’s Scraplift Sunday challenge.  But this week does not feel like every other week at The Shoppe, and we wanted to find one more way to honor Amber Shaw on the blog.  We decided to change the challenge a bit this time, and the Sugar Babes hope that you will join us as a way to remember our friend Amber.  This challenge will still count toward the Scraplift Sunday square on our June Bingo card.

So what kind of challenge might honor Amber even in some small way?  I think as a scrapper and designer, she would like to know that her work inspires us to create and to preserve memories.  You have two ways you can complete the challenge this month:

  1. Lift any layout from Amber’s gallery, found here
  2. Use any of Amber’s products, past or present, to create a NEW layout

The Sugar Babes have participated in the challenge, and would like to share their layouts and some words with you in Amber’s memory.

First, here are the layouts done as a scraplift of a layout from Amber’s gallery….

Kit used: In My Dreams by Amber Shaw

I’m unable to articulate my feelings into words… Amber was a beautiful person inside and out… she had the amazing ability to make a person feel like you’ve been friends for years!

Rebecca’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Memory Lane by Amber Shaw

When I think of Amber’s kits, I always think of lots of flowers and the perfect little details. The vintage vibe of the Memory Lane kit was perfect for this heritage family photo.

Stacia’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: A Little Rain by Amber Shaw

Amber’s heartfelt journaling spoke to my soul. I love a good journal page and I don’t do them often enough. Most of my pages focus on journaling for my kids and I don’t really talk about myself or my feelings. Her beautiful page inspired me to scrap my thoughts and feelings about the moment I’m in.

Janelle’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Reflections by Amber Shaw

Here is my layout honoring our beloved Amber:

Carrie’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Happy Life by Amber Shaw

Cassie’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Birthday Glam by Amber Shaw

I’ll admit, I had a hard time trying to decide whether or not I should attempt to scrap a remembrance page, or something a little more meaningful for this special “Scraplift” project. I thought the best way to honor Amber’s memory was try to and use her fantastic collection “Birthday Glam” and this beautiful layout of her daughter as inspiration to scrap a layout of my daughter. That way, I’ll always think about Amber every time I see this page and I’ve done something I’m sure she’d appreciate, I preserved some of our families memories.

Vanessa’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Happy Day by Amber Shaw

Amber was so amazingly talented, and her work always inspired me to scrap. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to use her amazing designs in documenting my family’s memories, and will continue to use her kits in her memory.

Lizzy’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:

Kit used: Seize the Day by Amber Shaw

These are some of my most favourite photos of my boys and I’ve been waiting to scrap them with the perfect kit. Amber’s Seize the Day was that kit.

Kim’s layout is a lift of Amber’s layout:


And now, here are the NEW layouts done with kits from Amber…

Kit used: Limitless by Amber Shaw

This layout is a tribute to Amber, who positively impacted our community in so many ways. We will miss her tremendously. Hopefully, her soul continues to delight those she has joined in heaven.

Kit used: A Winter Wonderland by Amber Shaw

I chose to scrap a new page. I had a whole list of products of Amber’s that I had intended to use. Her kits have been so perfect for my family’s memories. I chose to use this one to scrap some pics from our last time back to visit family in Indiana this past April. I will always regret that Amber and I had lived in the same state and never got the chance to meet. We talked about it more than once and just couldn’t make it happen. Using her goodies to scrap a page about going back home seemed appropriate.

Kit used: Happy Day by Amber Shaw

Kit used: Precious Days by Amber Shaw

When I think of Amber and why I’ve been drawn to her kits for years, I think of positive, happy themes that remind me to appreciate the people in my life. I use flowers a lot in my scrapping, and I have also always been drawn to her flowers. So I chose a kit that fit what I think of when I think of Amber and share this layout in her honor.

Kit used: Honor Roll by Amber Shaw

Amber’s talent was amazing, and I am so grateful to be part of this community that shares her art every single week. She always put her heart in every single thing she did. So to honor her, I will continue using her kits to help me remember her each time I look at a page about our lives.

Kit used: Little Things by Amber Shaw

Amber’s kits were some of my all time favorites – she had such an eye for all things beautiful!! I really wanted to scrap with some of her stuff that I’ve never used before, so that’s what I’ll be doing this week!

Kit used: Reflections by Amber Shaw

I’ve always been very conscious of making memories with our children while we can. Even though life is super busy, I pushed for a family holiday in Australia. I didn’t want to keep putting it off, because you never know how long you have with the ones you love. We got home from our trip on the Friday night, and I heard about Amber and her family on Saturday morning. I was devastated. She was a light and a shining example of someone who lived life to the full. Her passing reinforced to me that I’d made the right decision to make family memories while I could. I’ll miss Amber, and have scrapped our first Australia photo with her Reflections kit, which is so meaningful to me now.

Kit used: Seize the Day by Amber Shaw

I made a new page with one of my favorite Amber kits (although it is really quite difficult to choose just one). Not only is her Seize the Day kit gorgeous (as usual), but it also conveys the message I think she would want everyone to remember: Seize Today and always reach for your dreams.

Kit used: Butterfly Bliss by Amber Shaw

I used ‘butterfly bliss’. I wanted to use a bright and full of life kind of kit to scrap about Amber. It’s because I wanted to capture the kind of person she was and remember her positivity, her warm heart and beautiful soul.

Kit used: It Will Get Better by Amber Shaw

This kit just seemed appropriate to scrap the emotions I’ve been struggling with this week. It was comforting and cathartic to scrap with “It Will Get Better” because it was almost as if I could feel Amber’s encouraging words speaking to me as I was working on my page. She had a way of always seeing the positive, despite the struggles she may have been dealing with in her own life.

Kit used: A Fancy Celebration by Amber Shaw

Kit used: Winter Blahs by Amber Shaw

Kit used: A Little Wild by Amber Shaw

Kit used: Destination – Port of Call (retired)

I’ve been a fan of Ambers designs for years. I followed her even before she came home to Sweet Shoppe Designs. My heart was so happy and I was so excited when I found out she came home to Sweet Shoppe Designs. When I got an ivitation to become a SugarBabe, I was so thrilled to be able to scrap with her kits.

Thank you for allowing us as the Sugar Babes to share with you in honor of Amber today.

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