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Welcome to our new Friday Blog posts – Featured Scrapper! Along with the new challenge format, we are rolling out new blog content. Our goal is to introduce you to some familiar and not so familiar faces around the community. We’re also including Sweet Shoppe Staffers within the month as well.

I’m pleased to indtroduce to you our first Featured Scrapper ever – Christine Newman (aka supertwinkle). Her style is amazing and inspiring – but more on that at the end of our post.  Here is more info on our Featured Scrapper, Christine.

CNewmanMy name is Christine Newman. I’ve been digi-scrapping since April 2006 and I’m known in the digi-forums as “supertwinkle”.  I had a copy of Photoshop Elements 4.0 and I had an idea to make scrapbook pages digitally.  I thought, “Surely someone has done this before…”, so I googled around and found a wealth of information!  It really opened up my eyes to the possibilities of what can be done digitally.  Nowadays I scrap using Photoshop CS3.  I use a small Canon PowerShot SD850 IS to shoot most of my photos.  I take this camera everywhere in my purse to capture everyday moments.  I believe the best camera is the one you have with you!  I did Project 365 in 2009 and could not have done it without my little Canon.  I process my photos mainly in Adobe Lightroom 2.0.  I have a workflow that I have tweaked, and it really suits me.  I do process some photos in Photoshop sometimes, using various actions.  I love digital scrapbooking because looking back on my memories with the people I love make me so happy and thankful! It’s also such a great artistic outlet for me, combining my favorite hobbies of photography, scrapbooking, computers, internet, and writing.  I also keep a blog (www.listgirl.com) and updated it every day in 2009 with my P365 photos.  I also love to read, knit, make cards, and make homemade all-natural soap.

Q: What is the most challenging part of scrapping to you?
I think the most challenging part is to tell the story.  In 2008 I created over 270 pages and very few of them had journaling on them.  I decided to change that in 2009.  I ended up with only around 115 pages in 2009, but I really tried to make sure I journal on most pages and tell the story.  The pages with journaling on them mean so much more to me in the long run.  They’re the ones that I go back to and read.

Q: What do you do in real life?
I work as a financial analyst at a high-tech company.  I do annual budgets, capital acquisitions, purchasing, and financial forecasting.  Plus a lot of smaller tasks that falls to me because nobody else does them, LOL.

Q: If you could only use 2 elements on a layout what would they be?
Oh, that one is a toughie.  I don’t consistently use anything except for paper.  I can do anything with paper really.  So if I have to answer this, I would say staples and alphas.

Q: What is your favorite color scheme to work with?
I tend towards the blues and greens.  But I love color in general and I’m not afraid to use it!

Here are Christine’s 3 Favorite Layouts.

He Said She Said:
– I like this one because it’s one of my recent layouts that I tried a lot of different things on it and it looks cool.  It came together nicely to convey a comic-book style look that I was after.  Plus it recollects something that’s cute and meaningful for me and my husband.

Project 365 Week 19:
I came up with this while scrapping weekly pages for Project 365.  All my pages started to look the same and I just wanted to be more freestyle and original with it.  I had a few months of “artistic” and “painty” period and this exhibits that side of me.

This isn’t my normal style, but I really love the simplicity of it.  It’s got my favorite colors on it, plus one of my favorite photos of us.


Featured Scrapper Challenge for your January 2009 Portfolio:
Christine (aka supertwinkle) has font and title work that is absolutely superb! Using her gallery as inspiration, create a page of your own where the title or font work really shines!
Here are some examples from our Babes:
Tracy “love{s} how she puts words everywhere all over her layouts.” Here is her layout using Santa Season by Melissa Bennett.

Here is a layout from me, Stephanie, featuring the kit Villiage Market by Scrapkitchen Designs. I was inspired by Christine’s big, bold titles feauting different alphas. I also found inspiration in her whimsical journaling and layouts.

Here’s Aly’s layout inspired by Christine’s BIG titles and bold paper. She used Frostbite by Julie Billingsly:

Here is Teresa’s using Santas Bake Shoppe by Julie Billingsly and Misty Cato:

Make sure you update your portfolio with your page inspired by Christine!

NOTE: These Bonus Challenges are EXTRA on top of the Posted Portfolio Challenges.  They CANNOT be combined with any other challenge and stand alone.  Please feel free to PM me with any questions – sczos911.  Thanks! The bonus points are only worth 1 point.


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