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365 Days of Bliss Day 10 – Surprises and Sacrifices

I’m thinking everyone must be up for a bit of bliss on this Tuesday following iNSD if you can still bring yourself in front of a computer terminal. Like Aggie our part of the world celebrates Mother’s day on the 2nd Sunday in May. I also celebrate another year of aging at the same time. […]

365 Days of Bliss: A Birthday Fit for a Princess (and Layout of the Week)

Hello Sweet Shoppers! Anybody burned out after iNSD and Mother’s Day over the weekend? I hope you had the time of your life shopping at the sale and participating on the games at the forum. Anybody scrapped their hearts out too? A little tip on surviving the aftermatch of iNSD (digistash shopping): 1.) Download kits […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 7: iNSD

Hey Hey Sweet Shoppers! One of your favorite days of the year is here, and we have SOOOO much going on here at the Sweet Shoppe and the images below will pretty much tell you all you need to know so here’s your first look at all of the International Scrapbook Day events happening at […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 6 – Photoshop Tip

Sharpen and Save for the Web Tutorial Hello Sweet Shoppers! It’s Sheri with a brand new blog post!  Perusing through the forum, I’ve seen many people ask about the best way to save their pages to upload to the gallery.  I’ve created a quick tutorial on how to Save for the Web in a way […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 5 – I’m just a big kid!

Hey everyone, I’ve really been looking forward to this post…I love the new direction that the Sweet Shoppe blog is taking…it is simply blissful. So what’s my blog post going to be about? Hmmmm lets see… I could talk about iced coffee…(and hear the sound of your heads hitting your desks as you fall asleep), […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 4 – P365

Ack! That’s what I’m feeling towards P365 right now. Anyone else with me? I started out the year so well. I was taking my photos every day and even keeping up with my weekly layouts. Here are the ones I did: Not too bad, I got 10 weeks completed… But then, well, life happened, and […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 3 Ultrasounds

Happy Tuesday everyone! Erin here today to entertain you all with my blog post. 🙂  I must admit that I’ve been nervous about my first post with this new format;basically because I don’t find my writing skills to be quite up to par! I’ve been tweeting and forum commenting for too long that I can’t recall […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 2 – Volunteering (and LOTW)

Hello everyone, Tracy here!  So many things come to my mind when I think of what “bliss” I have in my life, but one of my passions is volunteering.  Even before becoming a SAHM I loved helping out in my community.  I belong to my local woman’s club, a member of the General Federation of […]

365 Days of Bliss – Day 1

Hi there Sweet Shoppers! Libby here, and I’m super stoked about the new direction we’re taking for the Sweet Shoppe blog.  For more than a year, we’ve brought you regular features like Penny Candy playdates and Take Out Tuesdays, but starting today, we’re bringing you 365 days of Bliss on the Sweet Shoppe Blog. Digital […]

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