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Heather here, and I’m about to talk about a project I’ve been working on this year and have been totally LOVING!!!! For years I’ve been trying P365 and last year I wanted to do P52 since Asher was born the first week of the year. For some reason I always got burnt out by March and even with P52 I was burnt out by June and just had no excitement for the project. I was really bummed that I lost steam so quickly. I think it was the pressure of having to take a picture everyday and not just taking pictures whenever I felt like it and having that email reminder every week to take Asher’s picture just made me not want to do it anymore. So, then Project Life started becoming really popular and I figured I’d give it a try and not set myself out to force it and not feel like I have to do a weekly layout and just do it whenever I felt like doing it. I don’t know what happened, but something clicked in me and I’m having such a blast with this. I don’t know if it’s the inspiration on Pinterest or the fact that everyone seems to be adding 3×4 cards to their kits or what it is, but it’s been such a joy this year and I’m so thankful I tried to give a yearly project one more chance. Even though I said I’d do it whenever I felt like it, I’m finding that I’m actually doing it weekly and even adding in extra pages for special events. Every week when I’m updating my layouts in the Project Life/P365/P52 layout thread, I’ve been having fun looking through to see everyone elses’ layouts and it’s fun to see the excitement and fun you guys are having with the project too. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely take a look through it.

I really like Tracy’s book and how she’s doing hybrid and able to even add her cup from the 7-11 free slurpee day or movie tickets and stuff like that… I guess with doing it digital I don’t get to do cool things like that, but at least I can scan things in if I wanted to.

I’ve been so impressed with Marla’s P365 pages, she’s been using Cindy’s templates and they look awesome!!! And she switched it up a bit the second half, and here are those layouts.

Nikki’s decided to go simpler this year with her P365 pages and I’m totally loving hers and how she’s totally capturing all the moments and writing about them and I love the block style she’s using… She’s been using Penny’s This Life series and she’s been posting a new post every month… January, February, March, April, May, June

One thing I have noticed that as we got to summer and we’ve been spending more time out of the house, my pages have become not as decorative and have become mostly big pictures and a little bit of journaling. I still really like it though because I feel that just really represents how our life is right now that I’d rather spend time doing fun stuff with the kids than making elaborate layouts. Here are my layouts together… and here’s my most recent 2 page spread, using Penny’s This Life: July! I really love her This Life series and she includes both 3×4 and 4×6 cards in them. Since I’ve been doing them digitally, I’ve been using Traci’s Slip Ins and  her Document Life freebie. I’m also using my personal font by Darcy, which I highly recommend everyone does, especially for these special projects. It just gives that personal touch to have your own handwriting in them.

I’d love to see your Project Life pages, feel free to post pictures in the Project Life/P365/P52 thread even if you aren’t using SSD products, I know we’d all love the inspiration.

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