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Hi everyone – it is me Darla and I have to confess I LOVE PINTEREST! lol 🙂 I have always had the love of finding new things on the internet and google used to be my go to for anything that I needed. Computer turns on with a blue screen – just google the solution, need ideas for one of my Girl Scout meeting – just google it and so on. Then Pinterest was born and my love of all things on the internet could be pinned quickly to various boards I created. All the fun craft ideas that I found were instantly pinned to a board, ideas for the holidays found their way to my holiday board, SSD portfolio challenge ideas were pinned for inspiration later on and of course when we had something coming up in our lives – a new board would be created in order to hold all my ideas. So when it came time to start thinking about what hairstyle I would entice my sister to do on my daughter, I started pinning all kinds of ideas of curls, up-dos and braided hairstyles for us to look at later. Now mind you my daughter clearly would prefer to wear her hair down and straight but knowing how I love her to look special on her big dance days – she usually gives in and lets me convince my sister to do something out of the ordinary with her hair. There is always a battle about whether her hair will be up or down and as a compromise, we decided half up and half down would satisfy us both. Here are some of the ideas that we pinned:

When homecoming came around, our house was a flurry with my daughter rushing to get ready, nails getting done and then the trip to my sister’s house so she could do Amy’s hair. We showed my sister some of our ideas we found on pinterest and she went to work on my daughter’s hair. Generally my daughter has very straight hair and curls never last long in her hair but my sister took on the challenge and starting out to create curls – lots and lots of curls. Flowers were pinned in between the curls and at last, Amy was done and ready for her dance! Pinterest again saved the day for our family! lol…..and here is what she looked like for Homecoming. I was one very happy and proud mom that day! <3

Have a wonderful scrapping day and if you are looking for inspiration – go to Pinterest and see what you can find there! 🙂

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