Avoiding Harsh Shadows Outside When Your Subject Is Out In The Open Sun

With summer here for many of us, it’s a great time to get outside and get some pictures without having to bundle up. It’s not always practical when you’re taking everyday snapshots to put them under some shade to pose them and many everyday snapshots are out in the open sun… One thing that happens when we’re taking pictures out in the open sun is we tend to get harsh shadows in our pictures… like in this picture here…

OK, that picture doesn’t look that bad, right? Sure, it’s a nice picture, but the shadow on her makes her really dark and underexposed, but there is a way to actually avoid this situation when taking your pictures.

So, what’s the solution? Turn your flash on and use it… SAY WHAT? I know, you’ve always been told that you don’t need to use a flash outside, but I’m telling you something totally different. The flash actually fills in light where those shadows are and makes the picture more even as far as exposure… After I took the above picture, I remembered to turn on my flash and started taking more pictures… and here’s what I got, just from using my flash to take these outdoor pictures…

Much better… sure, the grass is overexposed, but I’m not taking a picture of the grass, I’m taking a picture of my sweet girl and I love how you can see so much more of her beautiful expression on her face just from using the flash to fill in light where there would normally be harsh shadows… I’ll take the overexposed grass over underexposed harsh shadows on my girl anytime! :)

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