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This tutorial will showcase the Filter Gallery in PhotoShop.   I’m using version CS5 on a Mac, but the gallery is fairly similar between versions.  I’ve prepared a short video tutorial and I’m also posting the original image along with a few samples of the applied filters and their applicable settings.

Learn How To Use Built In Photoshop Filters on Your Photos with this Video Tutorial from Sweet Shoppe Designs

Video tutorial:

Original image:


Cut Out filter:

Number of levels:  8
Edge simplicity: 4
Edge fidelity: 1


Diffuse Glow filter:

Graininess: 9
Glow amount: 3
Clear amount: 15
Background color: white


Halftone Pattern filter:

Size: 10
Contrast: 20
Pattern type: dot
Foreground color: black
Background color: white


Watercolor filter:

Brush detail: 11
Shadow intensity: 0
Texture: 3


Dry Brush filter:

Brush size: 10
Brush detail: 0
Texture: 3


I’m always amazed at how many features PhotoShop has.  I know I underutilize a lot of the functionality!  Thanks for looking and happy filtering!

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