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This week, our Sweet Shoppe family was devastated to learn of the passing of our friend and colleague Eva Kipler. Eva joined our team as a designer in the spring of 2008, and words can’t express how much we will miss her. Please join us as we pay a tribute to this beautiful artist.

From  Studio Flergs –

“I could not believe the news when I read it. I still can’t believe that Eva and I won’t be collabing again…ever.

Eva and I worked together a lot over the last few years. She was always a joy to work with, and a great friend I had found through digital scrapbooking too. We just clicked right away and I always felt at ease with her when we talked from the very first time we worked together. She told it like it was and was a great laugh, I loved her honesty and frankness, nothing fake about her. Sometimes we’d just email about a new filter or ask each other “how did you do that?” kind of stuff. I know we would have been great friends in real life too. Only last week I was thinking to myself that I should ask Eva if she wanted to start a Christmas collab again, something we’ve done the last 2 years in a row.

Eva will be greatly missed in this community by everyone. My thoughts are with her family & friends and also all of the girls at Sweet Shoppe and her creative team.”


From Kate Hadfield –

“Eva and I become friends after working together on a collab kit while we were both guesting at another store. We hit it off straight away, her often irreverent sense of humour and spirited emails would have me laughing out loud! I soon learned to make sure I was not drinking my morning cup of tea when I read them for fear of spraying my monitor as she made me snort with laughter once again!

The digital community has lost a wonderful designer and fabulous friend, my thoughts are with her family and friends along with her online family at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Rest in peace my friend, you will be greatly missed.”


To Ken and the rest of Eva’s family, I hope this memorial has given you a glimpse of how important Eva was to each of us here at Sweet Shoppe.  Thank you for sharing her with us these past 4 years.  You’ll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


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  • I did not know Eva very well only through occasional conversations on the message board but she was always very kind in all the interactions I had with her and with everyone I saw her communicating with here at SSD. I was shocked when I saw the posting about her passing yesterday morning when I got online. I just could not believe someone so young and vibrant could be gone.I know she will be greatly missed in the digi community and with her family and friends. There really are no words to make a loss like this hurt any less. So I just wish to say my thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones and I wish them comfort and peace in knowing she was loved by so many and touched so many lives.

  • I am very sorry to hear of Eva’s passing. She was an incredibly talented artist and was a favorite of mine. I am sending prayers and thoughts to her family and friends. I wish them comfort and healing in this difficult time.

  • I knew Eva for a very long time, from way before digiscrapping. She and I would always joke about it when we were in chats. It always seemed that I was following her, even thought it’d always be by sheer coincidence.
    When I read this news elsewhere, I was totally taken aback and in shock. I am so sorry for her lovely family and want to express my deepest condolences and send them thoughts and prayers through their trying time. There was only one wonderful, colorful and talented Eva and the world will miss her unique self.

  • I missed the post in the CT forum yesterday … So Eva, know that I loved your personality. You were always transparent and that made you real. You loved your family and they took first place in your life over designing. That always made me happy knowing they came first in your life. I will miss your Diva-ness. I will always remember how excited you were to get such a great deal at Sephoria. You had to share pictures of what you bought with us. You will always be Queen Diva to me. I love you and will miss you. Thank you for the honor of being a diva on your team and for being able to get to know you. ♥


  • I’m sitting here in tears reading all of these heartfelt messages to our Eva. She was definitely one of a kind!

  • Eva, I didn’t know you but your going away has left an empty hole in my heart. RIP sweet lady!

  • I started with Eva when she was still at TDC and stayed with her for a few years here, until life got in the way. I will always remember her.

  • I loved the two years I spent on Eva’s CT. Loved the threads that accompanied the creating of almost every kit and like it has been said by a few girls, I loved Eva’s Diva-ness. I’ve always thought of her as of the Queen Diva and I’m so glad I’ve met her on my digiscrapbooking journey. Thank you, Queen Diva! You will be missed.

  • When I heard this news, I was, just as everyone else, shocked. I didn’t know her personally, never worked as a CT for her but I love (loved) her kits. Her style rocks and will continue to rock my socks. I wish all of her family, friends and all who knew and loved her, all the best in this difficult time. You’ll be missed Eva!

  • Oh how sad i am to hear of this news, i loved Evas designs, back when i started as a newbie she was a seasoned designer already and i wished to be more like her, i looked up to her and always peeked at what kind of work she was doing, she was an inspiration to me for sure and i know many other designers had a huge amount of respect for her. she was a gorgeous person, a unique designer and a great role model in digi land to many including me, very sad over this loss of a great one, one of ours, i keep her family and loved ones in my prayer.

  • I didn’t know Eva well, but I’ll always remember her as an amazing designer, a voracious reader, and a beloved member of the digiscrapping community. We’ll miss you, Eva!

  • From my experience with Eva, she was an amazing woman. Very caring and forgiving, I respected her and loved the times I was able to chat with her. When I was on her CT, she was always so encouraging and just awesome. My heart breaks for her family. Prayers sent to them and all of Eva’s family and friends here at SSD.

  • Wow! I am so sad. I am confused….I am just at a loss for words. She was one super sweet person whom I didn’t know personally, but I know I was so in love w/ her work. This is a devastation to the scrap community and to the world. My thoughts and prayers are w/ her loved ones….

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