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Shawna’s Sneak Peak!!

Happy Friday Sweet Shoppers!

As you know Shawna is the Featured Designer right now and she wanted to share with you an early preview of what she has in store for you this weekend.


Shawna’s Creative Team and the SugarBabes had so much fun with this kit.  Just check out these layouts that they created!












What did I tell ya?!  Aren’t those layouts fabulous?!

All About a Boy hits the shop this weekend so be sure to grab it and feel free to share with us what you create with it!

Thursday Treats – Going Off-Theme 4/02



One of the most positive aspects that we digi scrappers tout to our paper scrapping counterparts is the ability to reuse our digital items over and over again. One way that I love to reuse supplies is to use “themed kits” in a completely different way, to get the most bang for our dollar.

I have the opportunity to browse through the store and gallery on a regular basis looking at kits and layouts and during my last bout of SSD surfing I found a bunch of layouts using themed kits. Because of the way I searched this time I’m not able to link the layouts to the gallery nor identify the scrapper (unless I happen to recognize the people in the photos ;). If there is something you want to know, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my very best to identify the scrapper and get you the full credits.


An “all about me” layout using a construction kit – Dozer Days by Melissa Bennett & Wishing Well Creations



A sports layout using a 4th of July kit – Red White & Blue (special pack) by Studio Basic



A tattoo layout using a running kit – Running Wild by Meghan Mullens 



A layout about political freedoms using a sickness/illness kit – Sick Day by Traci Reed



A romantic layout using a Harry Potter kit – A Wizarding World by Jady Day Studio



An everyday layout using a hockey kit – Slapshot by Libby Pritchett



A top ten layout using a congratulations kit -  Congratulations! by Kristin Cronin-Barrow



An everyday layout using a cheer kit – 3 Cheers for Camp kit by Misty Cato



An everyday layout using a coffee kit – Espresso Yourself by Studio Basic Designs and Tickled Pink Studio 



An everyday layout using a space kit (by Loni) – Out of This World by Jenn Barrette



A day at the park layout using a theme park kit – A Magical Place by Jady Day Studio



How about you? Do you like to reuse your digital kits, to look for ways to get more mileage out of more themed purchases?

Link us up to one of your favorites!

In the Works Wednesday 4/01

intheworks-coming soon


It’s April Fools Day but there aren’t going to be any tricks around here! Just a few sneak peeks for the many items that are going to be hitting the Shoppe this weekend.

Let’s see just a little bit of what the designers have in store for us and a few of the layouts created by the SugarBabes so far this week:


5 Up Sneak 40115_1 5 Up Sneak 40115_2 5 Up Sneak 40115_3





































Is there something that’s already caught your eye? All this AND more will be here before you know it!

Thursday Treats – “Purple Day” 3/26



Did you know that today is Purple Day? Purple Day was founded in 2008 by a then nine year old Cassidy Megan to raise international awareness for epilepsy.

I know I heard somewhere that the color purple used to be the “kiss of death” for digital scrapbook kits but I’ve never shared that belief. Purple is one of my daughter’s favorite colors so I always gravitate toward kits that have purple in them.

In honor of Purple Day, I spent some time in the Shoppe and tried to find some purple kits for all my fellow purple lovers out there!
























How about you? Do you love purple as much as I do?

Spotlight Sunday – Instagram Part 2




Hey there! I’m back with more about Instagram! What did you think about last week? There were a few questions and comments that had me thinking of doing another post. In no means am I an expert but I do love Instagram! So let’s jump right back in.

Link in Profile

On SSD’s Instagram profile, there is a link in the header. When you see “Link in Profile” it means this:

Instagram Profile

If you want to click on the link, click on their profile & it’ll be in their profile header. “Link in Profile” is usually said in the caption or it can be as a hashtag (#linkinprofile). That gives you a chance to click over & be re-directed.


What’s a hashtag? Hashtags have become a huge way to connect in social media. A hashtag tags a post to be searchable by a common reference. You can use hashtags for yourself or so people can see your picture. You can search #digitalscrapbooking on Instagram and find thousands of pictures/accounts. It’s a great way to network and meet new people. If your account is private, it won’t link up so everyone can see it. You can also use it for yourself and for special events. Do make them pertain to the photo though. I like to use a few main ones, #lolagram & #riangram, for my girls but I wouldn’t add #brother to any of them since they’re girls. Does that make sense? Make sure the hashtags go with the picture you’re posting. (I also LOVE to use the tag #lolasstyle to document my 3 yr old’s amazing fashion right now.)

Here’s how it looks for the SSD Instagram profile. Some will put the hashtags in the caption and some will add them in the comments so it doesn’t clutter up the main post. With hashtags, I will say to not OVER hashtag. A few are great! 10+ might be a little overkill. It’s your profile though so feel free to do whatever you’re comfortable with. If you are using a lot of hashtags, I’d suggest adding them in the comments.

Instagram Profile

 Uploading Layouts to Instagram

I love to post my layouts to Instagram but it can be slightly tricky. One way is to simply email it to yourself, check your email on your phone & download it. I prefer to use Dropbox. I use Dropbox for EVERYTHING in my life. Seriously. It’s the best. You need to have an account (it’s FREE) & then Dropbox will start to download to your computer. Install it & you’re set. Then, install the app onto your phone. When that’s all finished, copy the layout from your computer into the Dropbox folder & it will sync to your phone! Open up the app, tap on the layout & then the download icon in the top corner. It will save to your Photos folder. Then upload to Instagram like you normally do.


Still have some questions about using Dropbox? Here’s some help from them about syncing. Their Help Center is amazing!


What’s regramming? It’s the process of reposting on Instagram. It involves taking a screenshot of someone else’s original post, and then reposting it using the hashtag #regram and acknowledging the source of the original Instagram posting.  Again, there’s a few different ways to go about this. I like to take a screenshot, crop it, then post it & tag. You can also use a Regram app that will post it for you. There are several available for both iPhone & Android phones. They connect to your Instagram profile so when you want to regram, you’d open the app up, browse the photos (or you can search for a specific profile) & then you’d tap on “Repost” this (or something similar depending on the app). It’ll let you edit or add a caption at the top & then it’ll repost! How cool is that?

Instagram Profile


Hope those extra tidbits help you! Don’t forget to check out the #HOTW on SSD’s Instagram!

Studio Basic Guest CT Call!

Hello, hello, Sweet Shoppers!

SO excited about being the featured designer and really happy about seeing some pages using my Lucky Me kit! Remember: you can still grab this for free when you spend $10.00 at Sweet Shoppe! :D

Last month I had the last guest girls on my team! It is always SO fun having some guests using my products and showing me another way to use them! SO…here I am with another Guest Call!



Remember to send your email to studiobasic.designs@gmail.com! If you have any pages using my products, make sure to attach them – I wanna see!! :D

And, after the deadline, I will choose from all of the emails ONE lucky person to win $20.00 to my store!

So, run! :D

See you! ;)

Thursday Treats – Crafting 3/19



It seems that most of us that scrapbook are also life-long crafters. Perhaps it is sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting, crocheting or knitting. It might have been a past hobby or one you still enjoy. For me, it was quilting. There was something about picking out just the right cotton solids and patterns to match each other and work together in the quilt block.

So to celebrate National Quilting Day this Saturday, I thought I would share a few kits from the store that could be used to celebrate our past and present crafting hobbies:






















How about you? Do you have another crafting addiction?