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Hi, this is Andrea bringing you today’s blog post here at the Sweet Shoppe. I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about what to write about today and through the week I spent a happy evening crafting with my Mum who wanted to know how to make a drawer card that she had seen somewhere online. Whilst helping her to work out exactly how to make the card I thought about how nice it is to share knowledge and to learn to do new things together and so todays blog post is a mini tutorial on how to make a drawer card so that we can all learn something new.

This is what I mean when I say a drawer card, it’s a pull out drawer with the card on top. I put a small present in my drawer and my Mum popped a gift card in to her drawer when she gave it to her sister last night.

I’m going to share how to make the basic structure of the box, drawer and card. Don’t worry, it looks complicated and there are quite a few photographs but really it’s very simple and straightforward. Also I should apologise for the colours in the photographs, taken at night under dodgy lighting they all had a horrible yellow tinge so I’ve changed them all to black and white to save your poor eyes :)

Making the box:

Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 9 7/8″ x 9 7/8″ which will make the drawer and 11″ x 5″ which will make the box framework

Score the large square at 1, 2 and 3 inches from each side and the rectangle piece of cardstock at 1, 5, 6, and 10 inches starting from the left side then turn it around and score all the way along the long edge at 1 inch

Your card pieces should look like this (I’ve marked the scores with a black pen so you can easily see them)

Making the box first, fold along all the score lines you just made then cut as in this photograph to create the flaps and then add glue to the flaps where I’ve added the squiggles

Fold over the flaps to make the box

Taking the square piece of card that you have already scored you need to cut away all the sections that I’ve squiggled on in the photograph to make the drawer, you can see the main shape of the drawer with the 4 sides and flaps to tuck in

Fold on the score lines for each side. From the centre fold in on the first score line …

From the centre fold in on the second score line …

From the centre fold out on the third score line, repeat this for all four sides of the drawer

Construct the drawer by folding in the tabs …

Folding over the side …

… and pushing down into the drawer. As you have already scored and folded each line your drawer will basically come together by itself with just a little pushing and pulling

Slot the drawer into the box

To make the card that is attached to the top of the drawer take a piece of card that is 8″ x 4″ and score at 4 and 6 inches from the left side

Fold over to make a little easel shape (without the drawer this type of card is called an easel card as the front stands up as if on an artists easel) apply glue to the bottom and attach to the top of your box

Cut a second piece of card that is 4 inches square which will become the decorated front of the card, glue it to the easel on the bottom 2 inches only which keeps the back of the card nice and neat. This will simply fold down when you want to give the card to the recipient.

Now that you have made your basic structure simply print papers and cut to size, gluing them to all the sides of the box, the front of the drawer and the card. It’s nice to cover the inside of the drawer too and remember to tie on a button to the drawer front so it can be pulled open


Papers – Happy and Healthy for Life by Jenn Barrette at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Haberdashery dies – My Favorite Things

Tag die and sentiment stamp – Papertrey Ink

Ribbon, twine, button, lace, pins and charm – Ribbon Girl

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  • Wow! Your Easle ‘ gift card drawer box’ is absolutely fab! I soooo love it! Just discovered your site & will be checking in again-Yippee! X

  • This is a fabulous project! Thank you for sharing the instructions! they are very detailed and clear.

  • What a cute idea and thank you very much for sharing the detailed instructions…..and displaying an example…. Love the design you used

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