~365 Days of Bliss~ Day 50 (and a LOTW!)

Hey readers! Meg here to bring you a little travel planning inspiration and a new layout of the week. I know many folks travel and take family vacations during the summer (or whenever school is out in your area) I’ve been planning a pretty big Disney trip for awhile now and things kept coming up and we had to move our trip. Well we are finally going and I’m knee deep in preparations. For those that know me, you know I’m a pretty organized person and really like adhering to a schedule. I decided to make a fun little binder with my new kit Adventure Awaits (which btw is PERFECT for Disney!) I just recycled a regular paper sized binder from one of my kids and created a really cute cover and insert pages to make my plans on. I know everybody prepares differently for vacation but here’s some pretty common topics to include if you decide to tackle a planner

  1. To Pack List (essential for any trip!)
  2. To Buy List (those last minute essentials you need to purchase prior to your departure)
  3. To Do List (make reservations, etc)
  4. Reservation and Confirmation numbers (rental car, events, dining reservations)
  5. Vacation Info (flight info, hotel address, etc)
  6. Park Hours or Times for Special Events (depending of course where you are traveling. Keep the entertainment info handy)
  7. Daily Schedules (I also included park maps so we have them handy)
  8. A handy pouch for printouts or smaller items you need to keep nearby (I pre-purchased some tickets and a few GCs for the kids)

Just remember essentials are much cheaper to buy at home than to have to buy them at your destination. They count on folks forgetting things and having to buy while vacationing so plan ahead to save time and $$.

Here is a little sampling of my planner

(Credits..All These Photos 1-Janet Phillips, DJB Coffeeshoppe buzzed-Darcy and Shawna, and Adventure Awaits-myself)
My pages as you see include: (from top left to right-front cover, pouch insert, park maps—bottom: left to right-park hours (with parade and party info) and  page inserts)

No matter how you plan I hope your vacation is enjoyable and relaxing or adventurous..whichever you prefer it to be!

Now on to this week’s LOTW! Man I had a hard time choosing but I really loved this one. I really like the big photo across the top with the cluster on top and the kit just matches the photos perfectly! What a sweet moment captured of her little one. Congrats Farrijc!

til next time…keep scrapping those memories!


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  • Wow you are way more organized than me! And I love the design of your planning folder. Just a few comments (on Disney in particular), you probably aren’t going to want to carry a big old folder with you (well maybe YOU do!) but I would also keep a copy of the park hours and the stuff as digital images on your cell phone (if you have a fancy one), so you have it with you at all times. And the pre-made on the internet Disney maps are not as detailed as the ones you get at the park. Make sure you pick up a day schedule at the park when you get there to see the specific hours of special events going on that day. If there is a special event going on…get there early…you never know when the park will open an hour early like it did for us! And for the love of Pete…make or bring a autograph book, we didn’t and so had to buy the generic Disney $$$ ones. Pre-buy the Disney Pass CD and use it like you mean it! I got over 90 photos on it, and I was in a lot of them!
    Great post and great LO of the week!

  • Thanks so much for picking my layout! This made my day 🙂

  • yes…I soooo plan like this and always have a binder !!!!This is awesome and will be my inspiration for our next year’s Disneyland vacation 🙂

  • Ooh – love the planner. Could you show us a bit more of it? We are planning a Disney vacation too 🙂

  • We’re planning a December trip to Walt Disney World and I was actually thinking of using the kit to make pages for my planner! 🙂

  • I’m not a super organized person in general but I did do a binder for our first trip to Disneyworld and it was a huge help. So nice to have everything in one place. Mine wasn’t as cute as yours though!

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