Long Term Projects: Top 3 Tools

Happy Sunday everyone I’m back on the blog today with some fun inspiration for those long term projects. This month I want to go over a quick basic tool set from the Shoppe that could help you in building a small stash of simple things needed for those albums you’re working towards completing this year….or any year for that matter.

“Progress doesn’t come from early risers – progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.” — Robert Heinlein

Since many long term projects often take on lots of photos and I found in my post last month that many pages in the gallery are done using the pocket scrapbooking method, I figured I’d start there in the Shoppe with my search for some basic tools to get us started.

Templates have to be the number one tool. If you’re tackling projects month after month, or year after year even, you need things to make it easy, quick, and sometimes, get your mojo going. So, that would be the first aisle I’d go toward when starting my search. Our pocket template section is not lacking in any capacity. Whether you’re looking for easy albums, quirky daily pages, or even varied sizings if you aren’t up to documenting in 12×12 you can find it. I grabbed just a tiny selection to share here:


Pocket Cards would be the number two tool. Perhaps you’re scratching your head right now, wondering why kits wouldn’t be my number two choice since we all want our pages to be embellished. But hear me out, I wrote a post about being a minimalist pocket scrapper a while back which you can read here. I even tackled the style myself on the tutorial blog here and with the pocket cards our amazing designers create I believe you can acheive maximum results with minimal effort. So yes, pocket cards are my number two tool of choice. Of course, I foud some great pocket card choices, from basic calendar style to beautiful embellished ones to share:



Kits are indeed the number three tool. Of course, we’re digital memory keepers, we love a good minimalist page but let’s face it we’re here for the embellishments. (side note: if anyone wants to make that into a t-shirt, I’d totally buy it lol) Kits are the finishing touch. The pièce de résistance if you will where we get to add all the pretty things we love to really tell our stories our way. This is where our pages really take shape and our individual styles come into play so while I can show off some beautiful ideas and fun kits, this section is going to be all about You and your style. But I do have a few tips for you when you go searching for kit choices for your basics stash. Stick with kits that are within your style of scrapping this will make it easy to find mojo when you get ready to use them. Find kits focused on telling the whole story, what I mean by that is don’t get too theme heavy unless your album calls for that, like an album about baby’s first year. And lastly, scrap for you and your family first, so if any of the tips and advice don’t fit you, just do whatever feels good to you. I’ve never been one to follow artistic rules so I’m all for breaking them when the muse calls for it. Of course I do have a few kits to share as inspiration that can get you started on your long term project journey:



Thanks for stopping by hopefully these tips and tools help inspire you. Until next time, happy scrapping.

xo Kiana


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