Baker’s Dozen: March Photo Challenge

Did someone say it’s March already?!? I think that means it’s time for a new set of photo prompts!

Welcome to the March edition of our Baker’s Dozen photography challenge here at the Sweet Shoppe. Here are thirteen new prompts to inspire your photography in the coming month:

March’s Photo Prompts

A Little Inspiration…

Here’s a few ideas from my camera to help you get started…

Teeny Tiny

This is a fun excuse to break out your macro lens or switch your phone into macro or close-up mode. It took some patience and quiet time on the ground, but I captured this shot of a ladybug perched on a blade of grass in my backyard. Tip: once you’ve decided what to shoot, try lying on your stomach to capture a great pic from a super low angle.


This month’s prompts give you lots of opportunity to get outside and spend some time in nature. I love to shoot flora early in the morning when the dew is still present. Tip: If you want shots like these but everything is dry, take a spray bottle of water with you and mist the leaves before you shoot.


First and foremost, make sure you protect your camera gear (or phone) – but you can catch some amazing photographs of stormy weather through a window or from a covered porch, like I did in this shot. If you’re lucky enough to have a lightning storm to photograph, take lots and lots of photos in burst mode (where your camera fires off multiple frames with one click). Tip: bring the images into Lightroom and play with the develop settings, especially Dehaze (turn it up), Vibrance (turn it up), and Highlights (turn it down). You’ll be amazed what you’ve captured!


March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, which gives you lots of opportunities to photograph the concept of “luck”. I adore this shot I captured of my best friend’s daughter in her lucky onesie on her very first St. Patrick’s Day.

Signs of Spring

What are the first signs of spring where you live? Here in North Texas, it’s inevitably the emergence of our state flower, the bluebonnet. This can happen any time from early March to mid-May depending on what kind of winter we’ve had and when we get our last freeze, but it’s always worth waiting for.


Since Easter falls at the very end of March this year, we had to include a couple prompts centered around this holiday. “Eggs” gives you lots of options: colorful eggs dyed and decorated, chocolate eggs in an Easter basket, plastic ones full of goodies for an egg hunt, or, as we do in Texas, Cascarones: hollowed-out egg shells filled with confetti that when cracked over someone’s head are supposed to bring them good luck. This is a remnant of our Cascarone “fight” from several years ago.


Capture a photograph of the vehicle you use for transportation these days. It could be a personal car, a bicycle, or some form of public transit… or get creative and shoot something vehicle-adjacent – like this shot of my best friend’s son trying to “move” my SUV. Such a silly boy!

Join us (you could win a free kit!)

I hope you’ll play along with this month’s Baker’s Dozen of photo challenges. Remember, it’s all about being more purposeful about our photography and capturing more images in 2024. As always, I encourage you to share them where you feel comfortable doing so. If you post them on social media, use the hashtag #ssdphotochallenge – and when you scrapbook them, be sure to share your completed layout with us in the Gallery.

We’ve also set up a thread in the SSD Challenges forum for everyone to share their images – and as a bonus, for each photo you post, your name will go in a drawing and one person will win their choice of a kit or template trio or quad from the Shoppe! Congratulations to clucaswvu04, aka Cheryl, our winner for the month of February. Who will be next to win their choice of goodie from the Shoppe? It could be you when you join us in the forum in this thread for March and start sharing your Baker’s Dozen images now.

I’ll see you there!

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