Baker’s Dozen: April Photo Challenge

A very happiest start of April to you, my sweet scrappy friends!

A new month means new goals & new challenges, and that includes our Baker’s Dozen photography challenge here at the Sweet Shoppe. Here are thirteen new prompts to inspire your photography in the coming month:

April’s Photo Prompts:

A Little Inspiration…

Here’s a few ideas from my camera to help you get started.


It takes a very specific set of conditions to see a rainbow in the sky. If you’re fortunate enough to spot one, grab whatever camera you have with you and take the shot – even if it’s from behind glass. The results are almost always worth it!

If, on the other hand, there aren’t any rainbows in the sky near you, start looking around on the ground. Where can you find a spectrum of color to photograph? I love bright colors, especially on fabric, and this little rainbow can be found in my sewing studio:


With April being in the heart of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, of course we had to put “blossom” on the list of photos to capture this month.

Remember, even if you live in an area where flowers don’t typically grow, you can find blossoms in the unlikeliest of places – including in the desert!


This is an easy prompt; simply pull out your camera phone and snap a photo on your next walk; whether it’s on the way to a meeting at the office or just around your neighborhood, it’s a great slice-of-life photo to capture this month.


Since April 1st is April Fool’s Day, we included the prompt “foolish”. What do you see around you that strikes you as foolish? How could you capture this word in your photos for this month?

When I was out on a walk with my dogs through our neighborhood, we happened across a neighbor’s yard with a broken fence slat. Their two bulldogs had managed to squish their faces through the opening and were watching the world go by. Foolish could apply to the broken fence slat, to the silly bulldogs, or to my choice to allow my dog to greet them – but shockingly enough, the three dogs exchanged sniffs and kisses!

Puddle or Water

There weren’t any puddles to be found on the day I was out with my camera, so rather than looking down, I looked up – at a fountain shooting water high into the sky. Sometimes, finding the shot is simply a matter of changing your perspective.


Although either of the “blossom” photos I captured could have worked for this month’s color prompt, I instead opted to shoot a glass sculpture. Lots of options!

Recent Purchase

And for my “recent purchase”, I decided to capture a selfie while wearing my new computer/reading glasses. The shape and color is ridiculous but they make me happy!


Join us (you could win a free kit!)

I hope you’ll play along with this month’s Baker’s Dozen of photo challenges. Remember, it’s all about being more purposeful about our photography and capturing more images in 2024. As always, I encourage you to share them where you feel comfortable doing so. If you post them on social media, use the hashtag #ssdphotochallenge – and when you scrapbook them, be sure to share your completed layout with us in the Gallery.

We’ve also set up a thread in the SSD Challenges forum for everyone to share their images – and as a bonus, for each photo you post, your name will go in a drawing and one person will win their choice of a kit or template trio or quad from the Shoppe! Congratulations to tanyiadeskins, our winner for the month of March. Who will be next to win their choice of goodie from the Shoppe? It could be you when you join us in the forum in this thread for April and start sharing your Baker’s Dozen images now.

I’ll see you there!

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