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Thursday Treats – Passport Help 3/14

The theme of March’s monthly challenge is Passport to Adventure. Trying new things, first experiences, little moments for everyday adventures. You can download your own personal Passport right here. As you scrap as many of the EIGHTEEN prompts for the month, resize them and add them to it so that you can post it in […]

Thursday Treats – Focus on Green 3/7

I often relate the month of March with the color green. Perhaps it’s because of spring heading our way and the new plant growth that comes with it, or because of four leaf clovers and St. Patrick’s Day. Or it could be that green is the color of money and I’m in the middle of […]

Thursday Treats – Two by Two 2/28

February… the month of love, of duos, of twos. I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase duets here at the Sweet Shoppe than a batch of collaborations from our designers. When two designers work together on a kit, they’re called Scoops, after two scoops of ice cream. Sometimes, they work with each other […]

Thursday Treats – Passport Help 2/21

It seems like everyone is loving the new Passport Challenge system! Have you jumped on board yet? Here’s where you download February’s Passport to Love so that you can use it to track the challenges you’ve completed: Here’s a quick little recap of the new Passports: You can find the detailed listing of February’s challenges in […]

Thursday Treats – Valentines Day 2/14

Valentine’s Day – the day we celebrate love. According to the wise people at Wikipedia 😉 it became associated with romance in 14th century England, but in the 18th-century it evolved into an occasion in which people expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering candy, and sending cards. Are you planning something fun to celebrate the […]

Thursday Treats – Go Solo 2/7

Sometimes you want several photos on your scrapbook page to tell the story, other times it’s just one! It could be an amazing photo that you want to showcase LARGE or you have so much to say that there just isn’t a lot of room for photos. Whatever your reason for going solo, the template […]

Thursday Treats – Are You Ready for Some Football 1/31

Super Bowl Sunday is THIS weekend! If you’re not a football family, the game might not be on your radar, but you still might be attending a party for the camaraderie and the FOOD! Some people go all out with multiple TVs inside and outside, so you can watch while chatting around the grill cooking […]

Thursday Treats – Let It Snow 1/24

It seems like everywhere people are talking about inches or even feet of snow, freezing weather, school closures and snow days. Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggedon are words being bandied about. Of course, where I am 50 degrees makes people break out the parkas and gloves! So for all of you with snow angel pics to scrap […]

Thursday Treats – Passport Help 1/17

How are you enjoying the new Passport to Sweet Stuff challenge system? Not sure what I mean… let me summarize a bit. You can download January’s Passport here and use it to track your challenges: You can find the detailed listing of January’s challenges in the FAQ thread. Our hostess, SugarBabe Loni says “These prompts are […]

Thursday Treats – Goals for the New Year 1/03

Do you like to set goals for yourself for the new year? I hesitate to say “resolutions” because we all know those are made to be broken 😉 But setting goals for positive changes in your life isn’t a bad thing, at all. Some might have a goal for eating healthier or exercising more, reading […]

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